Waiting (Yixing fanart)

Waiting - Yixing fanart
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so honeys are having their comeback soon. woah, so many events concentrated for april. : D starting with my grandma’s and sister’s nameday on 3rd, then honeys’ show on 7th, then my tattoo, then family birthday, then etcetc.

so honeys are going to be in some kind of masks, phantoms, opera kind of darky mystical concept. and i cant wait it. it sounds just like something i love. but.. yea, okay, usually they are having those kind of concepts that the target group (me included) likes : )
when i heard i thought about my Prestige fanart btw. do you remember i said there in the description somewhere that i wanted to have a mask on him, with this darky-prestigious concept. plus the mask. but then i thought its not thaaaat interesting, visually even less interesting, so i made the lace thing instead of the mask. like.. like that is the mask. but its not that direct, and it doesnt really matter, its only connected in theory because i know i wanted there a mask, and ball, and dance, and etc. now im a liiiiittle little bit sorry i didnt make the mask, how cool would have been if i drew something that is going to be their concept not long after : D .. like in NL and the Peter Pan song, just how happy i was because of the coincidence : D
would have been nice. but im still happier i went with the lace and stuff : ) it is closer to the mood i wanted than the mask would have been.

i like the light-mash feeling of the teaser photo. it made it harder to draw it though : )
all of them looked supercool on the photo. i like the feel. i looove the makeup and the hairstyling. BUT. i hate the clothes, and i hate that its an edited photo. i know its harder to get all of them look perfect on one photo, thats like a miracle to catch such a shot. but really… would it have been really so hard to spend that plus hour(s) on it. seeing the edges and the cut of their forms, and edited together.. like a tumblr edit. drop shadow. really? drop shadow? reaaaally?!?! ugh, i expect something more and better from an sm photographer.

i like their new logo as well. : D its weird, but i like it.

so i just wanted to draw something quick, something light. i didnt know which of them though. .. so i asked help on twitter, and those who were online and saw could vote in that 15 mins : D suho and yixing was pretty close, but then yixing won. so i drew him. i must admit that he really does look really amazing on that photo. mm, yeap. went with the light style i prefer, but i still wanted to add from that mysterious and .. sexy, its actually a sexually heated concept : D so i chose a deep red/magenta for the eyes and the inside of the lips.

looking forward to what they will show us soon : )
(thats why the title! : D )



btw, im still drawing that zitao i shared the wip like about a month ago or even longer.. : ) … slowly progressing, it was on the last week the last time i added some details. its not that detailed actually.. just kind of .. im taking my time ^ ^’


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