kai overdose + 0415

kai overdose


the digital sketch i started on the weekend. i didnt know where it went, i just sketched up, and left it there, until today. i actually continued mainly because i really need to practice digitals. .. i had this illustration schoolwork, 20 digital illustrations, and i only finished 6, because i just dont feel it right, i feel that im lacking so really much in digitals. not that.. i can draw correctly, not thats the point. i just cant find the way i like it.

the wip was this which i shared on twitter:


– 0 4 1 5 –

today was such a great day btw. my day ended early in the school, i went to the earlier class to be able to finish before noon, so i can go around in the city searching because of my exam work, the sun was shining, which was nice, we had rainy days lately and the temperature also dropped and its quite cold now. so the sunshine was really heartwarming.
i went to a book biding master i saw last week when i was walking somewhere, so today i went in. its such a lovely amazing place, i didnt expect any of that. nothing can be seen from outside. but when you step in its full of old, really old books, with beautiful traditional cover, dust all over them. then i went into the working place and it was full of really old machines, made from wood and looking really old. it turns out the place is working for book biding for over 100 years now, right there, with the same machines, because they are working just as great, all of them is still in use. it had really such a great environment. im going to go back there later.
then i found everything i was looking for for my exam work.
i was already really happy because of all this.

but then, not long after, it turned out that i have been accepted to work at Young & Rubicam after the semester ends, for the summer! woah. im going to work at Y&R. i was screaming like for 5 mins and jumping up-side-down. its the Y&R. im really going to be there. (this whole part is a secret, dont tell anyone, im going to be trying to act cool. in case, you know..)

and when i thought this was already the best day of april.

then the mv came out, and i was screaming again and crying.
and i couldnt stop myself and i preordered the album, so its also going to be here in my hands later, right here, right in my hands.

and woah. i loved today. : D

i even have a drawing to share! : D


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