overdose sketch + a wip

overdose freehand sketch


this sketch was entirely made freehand in a matter of like 15 mins. … was supposed to be a painting actually, but i kind of lost interest after the sketch was done ^ ^’ i still like the sketch.
i recorded a vid of it too, actually almost all of it. … i might put it together and share unlisted maybe, just so those who are interested in the sketching process and way might check it and find something, i dont know. maybe.

what is coming for sure tomorrow is another fanart with a vid!
unfortunately without the new logo.. still with the old one probably, because after effects keep winning against me -.-‘ i wanted the new logo like a month ago already, but then the entire comeback thing came in and i thought of delaying, but now sm is playing hard to get, so i may as well introduce the new logo.. might. if i could order to that program to do what i want it to do.

most of it is already done so i think i can finish it tomorrow : ) i mean the drawing. i wish i could tell that about the logo too > < .. its nothing big, really, those who can use the program im pretty sure could do it like in about 10 mins, it really makes me furious. = =

so the process shot:

_DSC6069 b


have you heard the song Miss Alissa by Eagles of Death Metal? … im going crazy over it today, literally listening to this single song whole day : DD
unfortunately i dont get the commercial.. its full of humour i dont understand, because i .. i actually have no idea who are those people. not a sport person, and i dont like it either. especially football. completely rejecting the entire thing without giving a single chance to it.
but the song is great~~


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