Sillage ( Kai )




* P r o c e s s   F i l m  *


*  D e s c r i p t i o n *

i dont know who is responsible for the idea to draw tattoos on them, and who is the one thinking them up, and who is the one who is drawing it on them … but those tattoos are extremely inspiring : D .. not just for me, i noticed that it moves to create basically everyone who is creating about exo here and there, fanartists, graphic designers, photo editors, everyone.
throwing hats for the tattoo idea.

this is my idea for jongin’s recent tattoo. cracked and flowers climbing out from within.
the idea came from another illustration i didnt manage to start yet. though i have been mentioning it sometimes. that illustration is supposed to be coming up for quite long now… you will notice once i created that that is what im talking about, im not going to tell you why yet, i still want to draw it. and its still different. but the two drawings’ original idea is common.
Sillage - detail

while i was drawing .. his face was really easy to draw now. i dont know if its because the reference, or because i got used to his face by now.. but his face was drawn in a matter of 1 hour maybe, 1.5. really fast.
his hair took a little longer. because its light. .. white. and i had fun with it, it was nice to get lost in it. that part was about 3 hours i think. maybe more.
then the flowers. .. that annoyed me around the end.
the little flowers, the tiny ones, are that white flower i have in the vid. and the other white flower, the bigger one, i drew several times too. those two are mainly the flowers on the picture, often using as reference that exact flower i had in my hand. … i wanted wildflowers. because i love wild flowers, they are extremely beautiful and tiny and looking fragile but in reality they can take much more than the designish ones. i love wildflowers, really. spring has passed, and flowers arent really blooming now, so it was hard to find some to use. … i could have googled some wild flowers, i know, but it was just so much more interesting to have the flowers from the garden, the flowers that i have in my very hands grow from within of jongin. : )
i was worried the crack will look more like a blooming tree. i think i managed to get away from that. but even if i didnt, doesnt matter, blooming branch climbing on jongin’s neck is just as beautiful, i have nothing against it. : D

Sillage - detail

the silver. … this silver paint i bought for the wolf kris fanart. remember? who remembers? : D ( here )
i brought it back with me from china, and .. and didnt used ever since. i love silver and gold paints, but the thing is that its really difficult to bring out their amazingness. and taking photo of the drawing with silver paint on is nearly impossible. i remember i had difficulties with it with the wolf fanart too, but there at least it was a big surface, i remember i used a lamp and positioned it in a way so it reflects and still wont hurt the pencil drawing (which also reflects). now its splashed everywhere. and where the silver reflected.. the pencil as well. was like a 40 minute of nerve wrecking.
im not sure if it was a good idea. i like it, it looks nice. but it looked just as nice without it as well. : D im like 55-50, for the silver, because its still more interesting than without it, and the details shot look amazing. especially that one where its the drops and the pencil-crack is reflecting too, but that is glowing in gold (because i took it in sunlight), and the paint in silver. … so i think it was still a good idea to use it.
its hard though, so i dont suggest unless you know what you are doing. be prepared to ruin the whole thing. i also took a photo before i used the paint, just in case. i didnt do this “just in case” for over a year! : D

the song. the song.. i hope it will be okay with youtube.
it was released yesterday. its so nice. have you listened to the lyrics? … i have been listening to the whole EP mix while i was drawing. i mostly listened to it. .. in the second half. : D im not saying i always have the mood to listen to Crywolf, sometimes its getting slightly boring. but now i had. and this new album sounds nice.

Sillage - detail


have you noticed? of course you did. : D
i have decided im going to use this in the moment i created it for the tattoo. … now i have my logo on myself. thats just really so weird. but i have this logo because i have this tattoo, and i didnt tattoo it on myself because its my logo!
i wanted to get away from the previous one for quite long now, but i couldnt really design any better. i mean the O-s and the circles were just so really given. nothing better fitted that well. and it was so simple, so easy to recognise and remember.
but then i designed that for the tattoo. and it was just as easy and simple. plus i have all that meaning i had for my tattoo, i hope they bring positiveness and all the good stuff they are carrying within to my works too. … and its my tattoo. so basically its something i have on myself, and thats why im using. and if by any chance on holiday you stand behind me while buying coffee (and i buy black tea latte), you see my tattoo, and you will notice its me, and you will say hi, and .. and that would be nice, i would be freaked out, but i will be really happy. : D
im going to share the logo, and stuff in another post.
i wanted something else for the intro, but thats the limit of my after effects skills. pretty pathetic. im working on it!!! … i want to make a proper vid for the new logo. but now its just … slowly taking the place from the previous one. : )
i didnt want to share it unless its in the way i want it to be in the intro. .. and because after i designed all this comeback thing started, and i didnt want to mix it. but now the comeback is on hiatus, so i could as well just share my new logo *tongue out for sm*

Sillage - detail

*  T o o l s  *

– pencils (5h, b, 2b), paint (silver)

– a3


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