playlist cover - Black Tea Latte


playlist cover - Strawberry Milkshake


playlist cover - Vanilla Cream


took the time and redesigned the covers finally. .. and i really really want to share new playlists soon.
i have like 5 unfinished on my computer, and additional some in plans.

i realised why it takes such long time!
because its mentally exhausting to choose a song out of a lot, and decide which type of playlist would fit to it, and then all the stress if the playlist’s song harmonise with each other, and then am i sure these are the genres for this type of music that the playlist consists, and finally how am i going to name it that fits with the feeling and its a food or a drink, because i decided they are going to be food or drink, because why not.
and then i drew the clouds for the gloomy but still soft and warm feeling that Black Tea Latte gives, and then i thought why not make fall everything from the clouds that fits the other playlists’ mood, and i have no idea how can i keep myself to it, especially with that one of the playlists will make it hard, and i dont know why i do it, im obviously addicted to make my own life a little more complicated, than it would have been without my ideas.
thats why.

have you noticed the pattern behind it?
i was a fan of patterns anyway already (even one of my first studies this year was based on patterns, patterns in history, patterns in package design, patterns on cover papers, patterns of the holidays, patterns nowadays, etc. .. so i like patterns, just saying)
but then the EXO MID album arrived, and i saw all those patterns over it, like the breath of the winter covering it like feather, and i absolutely went crazy over it, and now im even more into patterns, especially geometrical patterns. one of my ongoing big branding work for a big company also received those patterns from me : D … and now you see the playlists too.
patterns are awesome.


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