exo – overdose album photos

exo overdose album


hey, hi, im alive ^ ^’ i climbed out from the cave i was living in because of the exam. woah. hello world, hello sunshine.

so .. i have things to tell about the exam. but i will get to it when i receive the critiques. i dont feel i was any good though. i feel the better i am the worse my exams and works are.  … and the less i care about it too : ) i have finished the year mostly with top grades, but on the exam when i was showing my portfolio i felt all of them empty. … BUT. but. i had my exam work, i was working on that work for more than a week, 0-24, i really did my best. … almost. i mean i could have … given more. but this is the most any of my creative work have received from me so far. and it received many praises on the exam too, from the committee. later from people who have seen and hold it too. and i like it too. today i have already taken some photos of it, tomorrow hopefully i will finish photography it in, and i can share it with you : )
… i said i wont say anything about the exam > <

so, the album has arrived. right in time, i could hold it right after my exam, and its like my present for the exam. i was absolutely totally exhausted in the last 2-3 weeks, and when all of it was finished, the moment i was over it .. well, the moment i was over it i went to cut my hair ^ ^’ but then after it i could hold the album and that was like a present for doing great during that time. it was nice. such a great timing. .. as usually.

the album looks great. i like the labyrinth concept.. im not saying im head over heels with it, but its.. okay. i can get it. its not that bad : D it looks better in real though. as a concept and its elements. the way it comes back on the album, the way it comes back on the cover, on the back of the card, on the back of the book. now i like it more, as a concept, as a whole thing. i especially like the book, because its pretty much my style : ) all white, clean, transparent, there and in the same time isnt, perfect. i also like the disc, because.. thats also pretty much my style with its “you have to want to read the typo to read it, and who dont want to read wont be bothered by it”. this is something i have been “attacked” over on my exam actually. anything bigger than 8px is like a slap on the face for me, i hate it, 8px is the maximum i like to use, usually below that, 6-7px, which means anyone who has worse eye sight than me cant see, and i totally dont care. im glad the designer for their album has the same opinion about it : D
i also noticed a path drawn in the maze, which was a surprise for me, i didnt know about its existence. its also outlining a form, i cant really connect it to anything, probably this is one of those rare things that maybe doesnt have any meaning. what bothers me though (not to the extent to actually look it up somewhere on the internet > < ) are those codes on the album. 2A70, 35AN, etc. … what-the-hell-are-these? .. there are 6 of them, probably the members then, but im looking at it, and im starting to get angry because im sure its something so simple, and i just cant—…
the poster is already on my wall : P


2 thoughts on “exo – overdose album photos

  1. Pie

    Hi! I was honestly really complexed about the numbers on the albums too and I did some research which did involve me having to use google translate and this is the best explanation I found:
    “EXO-K 35AN = Sefun 2A7O = Suho 2A4N = Bekkyon 331L = Chanyoru 2B0O = D.O. 354I = Kai”
    Maybe it has some meaning from when they were trainees?Like they might of had a number given to them by the company as a sort of identification type thing? All the sources I’ve found that confirm this are Japanese and I’ve had to translate them roughly with google. Here’s the best explanation i can find, translated:
    “It seems that a combination of alphabets and numbers + the member emerging calculated on the basis of the radix method 12 uniform number of each member! ”
    I don’t know what a radix method is so I looked THAT up and Wikipedia says, “radix sort is a non-comparative integer sorting algorithm that sorts data with integer keys by grouping keys by the individual digits which share the same significant position and value. A positional notation is required, but because integers can represent strings of characters (e.g., names or dates) and specially formatted floating point numbers, radix sort is not limited to integers.”
    So that’s the best explanation i can give you, encase you’re still curious.
    I’m Pie from a blog called What The Kay!, by the way 😀

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      oh.. .. wow.
      : D
      this was way too complicated and way too deep-mathematic for me to understand in the middle of the day. i will give it a try later once more : D
      thank you for trying to enlighten me, im really thankful that you took the time to explain.
      i have seen in my stats that google searches asking the same thing often direct to my blog, because i asked the same. but now whenever someone ends up here they will see your answer finally, im glad for that.
      thank you Pie~ ^ ^


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