WIP. Burn Alone

WIP: Burn Alone

“You will burn alone.”

WIP: Burn Alone


the first wip from today, the second from yesterday.
it will be up this weekend. i hope its tomorrow, but anything can happen ^ ^ its actually about 70% done. im not sure how you will like it. i like it quite much. and based on my experiences if i like it really much, then im left alone with it : DΒ ah, we will see~

i dont remember if i posted an earlier zitao wip, about 2 months ago..? i know i posted on twitter. now, that has been thrown out (almost, its on the way), and this is its redrawn version. im glad i stopped with that, and still decided to redraw the concept. it looks much better. i never redraw. i hate redoing works, i rather do something new. now its a rare exception.

coming with a vid.

so.. tomorrow? here? again?~


3 thoughts on “WIP. Burn Alone

  1. Charlotte B.

    Hey ! How are you ? πŸ˜€

    Whoah ~~ It’s been a loooong time since i left a comment on your blog. I had so much work and exams to do and well i was busy ._. And i’m actually a bit sorry for that because i really like what you do and i wasn’t able to really watch your recent projects (?) or drawings so yeah ^^’

    Anyway i saw “The Breathing Encyclopedia of Nature” and it was really stunning and cool. The concept was original i really love it.
    I just think that the design was kind of really simple … like too simple for me. I prefer when the details or motifs are more … i don’t know how to say it but maybe more visible ? but that’s just how i would like to see a design or the packaging of a product that i want to buy. But it’s your own style so i’m just giving a bit of my point of view.
    …. and i actually don’t know why am i doing a review on your work x) Anyway it looks like you worked hard on it and as i said earlier it really is cool !

    Your recent fanart are also really pretty ^^ It’s not the same style as before the way i see it, It’s more light or soft. But it looks like you are coming back with something not that soft with this Tao fanart ! Can’t wait to see it ^^

    Also, i don’t know if you remember but i’m one of this person who you gave the inspiration and desire to try to draw again. And well at first your tutorial really help me. I’m actually easily drawing with the same tips that you gave in this tutorial so for the shading i’m quite proud for the moment but i know i have to continue harder and try to discover new way of shading on my own. And recently i’m only drawing with black pen, or black pencils. Just black on white. i really like this contrast. But i seriously need to work on the proportions of things and human … like it’s so annoying but it’s still very important …
    Well maybe i will send you one of my recent drawing, like i did before on FB with my first attempt on drawing again but as you said it was missing something and i’m still looking for this special ‘something’ lol
    I don’t know if you are still interested to see others drawings but when i was reading your tutorial, at the end you wrote that you would like to see the drawings that we did with your tutorial so yeah if you still want to see i will send you those on FB.

    For your post about your hair (and by the way you are so pretty and cute ; ) i actually want my hair to be really long too but i just cut them yesterday. I’m not regretting it because it’s fresher and it’s the first time i have my hair that short so i like it for the moment but i know in one month i will say that i’m going to let them growing but in the end i will cut them again … it won’t finish i think ._.

    I think i don’t have anything else to say and well the half of what i said was my personal life and thoughts and it’s not like it’s really interesting … so sorry for all this blabla ~~ I will try not to write that much about me the next time i wrote you a comment about your post. x)
    And i think i should have a blog. I always say that but i don’t do it. I think if my university let me go in korea in january i will certainly make a blog to talk about my experiences there but now i don’t have anything in particular to write in a blog except my personal life so yeah i have to consider it. But when i think about it, the only thing that encourage me of doing this blog is that it will be kind of a souvenir. In a few years it will be fun to watch the first post i wrote of what i was thinking about or what i was doing at that time … which is not that much lol But maybe having a blog will actually motivate me so it worth a try i think.

    I’m sorry if you don’t really recognise me because well i think you have a lot of fans who wrote you comments here or on other platforms so it might be difficult to remember a special someone among all the comments you get. So it’s ok if you don’t really remember but i can give you some tips : I’m from France (do you have a lot of fans in France by the way ?) and my name is Charlotte ^^

    Anyway after writing this comment i learn two things :
    1. i seriously have to practice more english -_-
    2. i also seriously need to go out more and talk to people thus i won’t write you a lot of this nonsense comment

    I hope that you will stil continue to make beautiful things like this Special Encyclopedia and beutiful fanarts or just art in general, i will be really pleased to see them again and again ^^

    I’m going to sleep now ‘_’

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      : DD i remember you. and actually about like.. 2 days ago.. i was thinking about writing you on facebook, cause i saw you liked something .. there.. i think my profile photo. or that was the encyclopedia..? im kind of lost myself. >Β <
      but then i didnt, and ah, here you are : D i was wondering how have you been. .. and here you are answering that, haha : D
      (i feel slightly creepy to remember that you liked something, and it was you, and the fact that i can actually tell who liked what and when, and jeez, do i really not have a life to this extent..?)
      ah, thats okay thinking its simple. i know, i know. i heard that from the committee as well : D … and heard that from others. and fighting with that in my work too. but i just physically cant push myself to overload it. i mean.. this is okay for me. and more is overload. i can i mean, of course i can, but i will hate it till the end of the world, and will deny i had anything to do with that work, if i was made to "overload" it.
      oh, exams for you too? are you finished with them? how did they go? : )
      aaah, short hair is cool. hey, we are cool! : D
      i usually dont have the desire to grow my hair, but i really wanted to be able to do messy bun, and put jewels into my hair, and be fancy all over. .. not because i like long hair. and that probably was a mistake ^ ^' liking short hair, and still wanting to grow out. that was doomed from the beginning : D
      i still think that your hair isnt something permanent, just do what the hell you want to do with it, dont push yourself to grow it, if you know you will cut it back anyway. what kind of life is that: holding back just to give up in the end. then rock that short hair. dont you think?

  2. Charlotte B.

    I don’t think it’s creepy if you are able to remember each person who like your posts. On the contrary i think it’s better like that x)

    Yeah i finally finish my exam two weeks ago ! I think i did well (not perfect but it was ok i think) and i will have my results in a few days. So if i did good i will be able to finnaly take my plane ticket and go home for the summer : D Can’t wait because my brother got a new dog and i have still not see it. But on the photo it looks so cute :3
    But if my results aren’t good i will have to stay one more month again to repass the exams -_-
    How about you ? I think i read on twitter that you finished them too but i’m not sure ^^’

    “holding back just to give up in the end. then rock that short hair. dont you think?” I like how you think πŸ˜‰


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