Burn Alone ( Tao )

Burn Alone (Tao)

” You will burn alone, you fool.”


* P r o c e s s   F i l m *


* D e s c r i p t i o n *

it was inspired by their song: Growl.
the horns and the intense glare was the two main things i wanted to include. everything else was born from them.
there is a line somewhere in that song.. something like .. – ah, i dont remember the lyrics, i dont know it, sorry, what kind of fan i am exactly.. – .. something like growling when seeing the person, like taking out something beast like out of the man. and that was the line that inspired me to make something beast-like, demon-like, intense-like portrait.

when love can be a pinky lovely thing thing with sunsets and kitsch.
or love can be something really scary, bringing out the worst, trying to balance on the edge of insanity. on the edge of hatred. and it can fall over.

“You will burn alone, you fool.”

thats a line from the audio from the vid.
a crazy great song. its bitter and blowing stormy cold wind. i love this song, have been my love for long.

.. i could story about it more .. like how i corrected the eyes and included that in the vid, or the smile i put into the corner of his lips and you can find it if you look for it, or how he is actually looking at your throat.. but im holding myself back, because the committee also told me to .. basically shut up, and let them find everything. so you are welcome to observe the drawing and discover it for yourself : )

Burn Alone (Tao) - Details

Burn Alone (Tao) - Details

Burn Alone (Tao) - Details

* T o o l s  *

– a2
– pencils (5h, b, 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b)
– about 20 hours

Burn Alone (Tao) - Details


4 thoughts on “Burn Alone ( Tao )

  1. Phobo

    This was just mind blowing! The video and drawing look and feel so dramatic. So many emotions were stirring inside of me when watching the video. Just simply amazing 🙂

  2. Charlotte B.

    I didn’t see this coming ! I mean the horns ! It’s so beautiful, i love them ! Like seriously i always liked how the horns of the ram is (since it’s also my astrological sign) and it also represent the devil so i like the feel it give to the drawing ! I think this is my second favourite fanart by you 😀 The first being the Near the Light which i am every day looking at since it is on the wall of my little apartment ^^

    I also love the song you put with the video 🙂

  3. kylee09md

    I have been a fan of your art for a while now. And me being only 15 I have plenty of room for improving my art. I still haven’t been able to find a style I like other than yours. I am really curious as to what style this is. I love the way they are so basic yet have a lot of detail.

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