Semester 2. critiques – Year 3, Visual Communication

i went to the school and picked up my grades and written critiques. so here they are. this semester i was less collected, missed more classes, and didnt hand in several projects. a little because in the first half of the semester i was working at an agency, and in the second half i was working at home on freelance works, and i really spent most of my time with those. and i .. cant tell i wouldnt be able to make them in time, but honestly i didnt really have any desire to do them either. typography and critique teacher noticed : )) my grades were still good enough to bring up my average, i knew that already.
this semester we had another Advertising teacher. and i didnt like him, i dont think he is good either, so i left that subject entirely, though that was my last semester’s favourite, and my goal in life as well. instead i put more attention on Branding. since that ended up as the only subject that hold my interest at least a little. at least from far. in the previous semester this teacher had the problem with me asking too much, now he is saying im not listening to his opinion. -.-‘
i got my best grade for Design Theory. i dont even know if i ever got this much for end-semester at any of the subjects in my whole uni education (maybe Expressive Drawing..? i remember i got excellent grades there too. i dont remember)

now only the last year is left and the diploma exam. finally. almost 6 years of school, im getting fed up with it. i love school, but its too much already. im glad its soon over.

Semester 1. critiques


Semester 2. critiques.
Year 3, Visual Communication:


Global Design

– She is original, she had interesting responds to the projects. She executes her creative ideas in high quality, even when the idea is complicated and difficult to create. She thinks through every little detail carefully, works on her own.

Theatre Poster

– She takes every project serious. Her dedication to the semester is outstanding. Her performance is even. She hands in her projects in time, but after some time passes she tends to redo them, which can be confusing sometimes.


– She has a good way of thinking. Her projects are good, she aims to simplicity, but she could have been a little more determined and collected. She has much more hidden within than she shows.


– Unfortunately she didn’t care about this class, she didn’t make all of the projects either. But all of those that she did make were high quality, often the best ones in the class.


– In spite of being really silent and moderate, her works most of the time are outstanding. Her sense of taste in graphics is sophisticated, delicate, and thanks to her unique view her solutions are original. Her conceptual thinking is wonderful, and the realisation isn’t putting her into trouble either. She has crisp ideas, and because of that sometimes it’s difficult to change her mind regarding some little practical changes.


– She has a lot of experience in graphic design, she has a good style. She doesn’t really like to “let the customer in” to her projects.

Design Theory

– Listening to her presentations and reflections were a pleasure and was exciting, because they were intelligent, thought-through, elegant and delicate. I would have loved if I could have heard her opinions during the class too, becuase I’m sure she could have added a lot to the discussion.


– She was visiting the exhibitions properly, and her critiques – if she handed them in – were really good. Knowing her independent personality I could see she decided on priorities and handing in these projects weren’t included. That’s a pity.


– Convincing exam presentation, already definite graphic style. We think the exam project would be worth to work on, we advice to correct the mistakes though, not leaving the cover out.


3 thoughts on “Semester 2. critiques – Year 3, Visual Communication

  1. Charlotte B.

    Well it looks like you did well this semester, almost all of the critiques are good !:D
    This make me laugh tough “Unfortunately she didn’t care about this class” xD (the typography critique)

    And i don’t know you personnaly but for the little i know throughout the drawings you post and your posts on this blog, i feel like the branding critique really describe you ^^

    Ps: i don’t know if you know but i reply you about the last comments i posted a few days ago. I don’t know if you get a noticed when i do but well just want to let you know. Or maybe you can’t reply them because you’re busy and i understand that so it’s ok ^^

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      ohoh, i did saw your reply, sorry. i see if you reply, but only when i come on my blog to check if i have some notifications, or the stats, or i want to post something new.
      oh, and the last time i forgot to react to it, but you can send your drawing : D … just send me only if you can take critiques. : )
      hey, i learn french now! : D i dont know why im telling this just like that. > < i have these french guys in front of me talking, and i remembered that i have french class tonight and i dont want to go, and i remembered that i didnt do my homework either .. and didnt learn anything to the class. … to any class this month. jeez. … … i dont want to learn french T^T haha, nah, crying. you are lucky to know french already ~~

      1. Charlotte B.

        Oh ok ^^

        Yep i can take critiques very well. Actually it’s because i want to know what you think about my drawings that i like to show you them ^^

        I know ! sometimes i think that I’m lucky since I’m french because all the exchange students (from China and Korea mostly) who came in the university always say that french is too difficult to learn x)
        Anyway if i can help you in any way let me know ^ ^

        Well i will certainly send you my drawings tonight and you can reply when you’re free. It’s not that important 😉

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