digital speed art

sehun sunny


a speed-art i drew couple of days ago. the only reason i have finished it because of my stubbornness. i didnt like it, then i worked on it a little more, i liked it even less, then at a point the electricity went out, my computer shut, and i had to redo the entire hair, plus some other details.
i couldnt make myself to share it. i hate it.
and i hate to announce it public when i do, because if someone then i should totally keep my back to my drawing even if i see its flaws, but now i totally cant, i hate it so much. : DD
thats why you wont see this anywhere else than here on my blog.
sehun, btw. cause im sure its not even-..
here is the wip too i shared about a week ago or two on twitter:




Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 19.24.41




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