our petite Tiger.
he joined our family last week.

he was found by another family in another city. when one day the little girl of that family was walking down their street and this little creature sticked to her. he was barely 2 weeks old, and dirty. the family asked around the street if someone knows him, but – of course – no one said they did.
so the family started looking for someone who can take him in, because they could not. they called us on other matter, and then mentioned – just by the way – if we want a kitty or not.
and we did, we were talking about it just last week, because mouses appeared in our garage, and we have mouses in the house sometimes too. having a big old house, with unused rooms, with big garden and a separated big garage its only normal to have mouses. our last cat disappeared couple of years ago, and we were thinking of getting a new one. only this time a perfectly normal one, not a decorative nice one (the last one was a huge siberian cat).
and then that family called, and we were just “hey, we actually do need one”, so they brought him immediately.
he was scared and totally mute at first, i thought he damaged his voice or something. but the next day his voice slowly came back, we washed him, and fed, and play with him.
we keep him in the house until he grows a little bigger then he moves to the garage. he will love it there. hopefully he claims back our garden too, since our last cat left random ugly cats are passing by here.


its been a while since we had such a little thing at home, so we arent used to pay attention to where we step, or be careful. Tiger jumped out of the second floor’s window the third day already, arrived on his stomach right onto the rocks, i was down in the garden and heard the puff, he got shocked and didnt move for couple of hours, was just sleeping on my lap, i was scared he has internal damage. … then a day rest, then on the second day from then my brother went over his leg with his wheelchair. jeez.
now we put a little bell onto him, so we hear where is he. : D
we used to have these little bells on our yorkie too when he was small, and on our other cat too.
the bell is back for a while.

Szesze (my yorkie) doesn’t like him, but he is getting old already he likes basically no one, and tired of us bringing random creatures to his territory. our doberman likes the kitty, only the kitty doesn’t like him : D so the dobbie doesn’t dare to approach or he will receive some more blows. evil-evil cats.






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