kyungsoo digital

kyungsoo digital


so the thing is … it was not supposed to be kyungsoo. this was supposed to be nonfanart.
i have decided i will draw some of my nonfanart ideas this summer. i have plenty of them.
and i tried.
i really did try.
and i couldnt. i got bored like after 30 mins, then i got angry in the next 30 mins, and then i started to throw things and stopped drawing. this was a scheme i repeated the next time i wanted to draw something nonfanart. so i decided .. i will trick myself. i will draw what i wanted nonfanart with a face i love to fall in for days. and voila, i could draw, i didnt notice the hours passing by. just like it usually happens when i draw fanarts.

im having problems with the category though.
fanarts are arts that are inspired by the very person. .. based on this definition this is not a fanart. i dont feel its a fanart either. but without him i wouldnt be able to draw this, so even though he was not the source of the inspiration, he still was the one who made it happen. now… am i supposed to call it a fanart or i cannot?

kyungsoo digital


i didnt entirely gave up nonfanart arts yet. i will still be trying, i refuse to believe im not able to do it. : D
im planning to draw a traditional art in the upcoming days though, a fanart, with a vid. its been a while since i made one, and i want it to happen.


2 thoughts on “kyungsoo digital

  1. genderless (@kkapbai)

    If I just say that it’s marvellous or magnificent, it’ll be spectacularly boring. You have your way with art and I always (and forever) like it, even to the core because I adore you so much.
    But, the more I look at it, somehow it’s not fully Kyungsoo anymore. The eyes are Kyungsoo’s but the face’s shape and outline, also the hair, are /quite/ not Kyungsoo-ish.
    Kyungsoo’s eyes are easy to get lost into, yes. They are hauntingly beautiful, we just can’t help it :s (and I like getting lost in it, too. It’s nice.)
    And maybe, you can just make a ‘lost & found’ category or something, for unintended art like this. But does category really matter in art? (For you, not for me. I don’t mind the category, I mind the beauty and how it’s done).


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