Lullaby (Baekhyun)

Lullaby (Baekhyun)


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i had a similar concept with him in my head for a long time now. its not exactly that, it changed on the way, and based on current events. i save that for a later time : ) … it was inspired by the El Dorado teaser with Chanyeol, which one i cant wait to hear in full. it was also inspired by myself. by the events. by the fandom (by EXO-L, ha!, now we have a name or so they say).

the events im refering to is the (not-so-)current relationship news and the affect it had. i wanted to say “scandal”, but i stopped because it wasnt quite a scandal. the attention from kris needed to be shifted, so they rode along in open roofed car kissing and giggling in front of everyone, and the next day everyone nodded on the news, that its true. so it wasnt quite a scandalous thing.
i really dont want to get into this more, i have my opinion about the events. i dont want to explain those now. …. i dont like relationships, i dont care who is it, i am the one who is rolling eyes over it, all cynical and sarcastic, just overall avoiding doves in their pink universe. and i have a special place for the sake of idols there among my opinions about relationships. idols who live off from selling themselves. … but im really not going to get into the topic here and now. im just happy he isnt my bias. and i feel concerned for those whose bias he is.

Lullaby (Baekhyun) - Details

so this illustration is a critique.
a critique about the idols.
about media.
about the fandom.
about me.
about human beings.
about purposes.
about art, singing, performing and creating.

A lullaby.

a machine, one of the main vocalist singing as a music box (having an exo-kind-of sign on it). the long string at the bottom is counting the heartbeats, like those old tower clocks.
Lullaby (Baekhyun) - Details

* T o o l s  *

— a2
— pencils (5h, 2h, h, b, 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b), pen

Lullaby (Baekhyun) - Details


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