wip, tumblr feature, series info


drawing in progress
going to come with a speed vid
and my nails are going to be these on the vid: 
: D




there have been a big thing two days ago. my Burn Alone (tumblr post) drawing was featured by tumblr. i was so surprised first i thought im just seeing things, i didnt even – .. 
unfortunately i didnt see it. but two lovely snowflakes took snapshot about it when it happened. the fact that there was someone who saw and took a screenshot about it makes me just as happy as the feature itself : D
here are the screenshots:



the drawing was tagged with “fanart” and “exo fanart”. not even “art” was among the tags. and it was posted on my kpop blog, which is 99.999% is about reblogging kpop beauties, it was not my most popular drawing and it was certainly not the most popular exo fanart. .. so anything you hear about the tumblr radar is plain urban legend. you dont have to tag it with anything special, and dont have to have an entirely art blog. it .. it just happens. 
thanks to the feature i gained about 600 new followers, which isnt much, but the kpop theme of the blog is very narrowing down the interest : D and even they are leaving slowly, after i queued up 3 days of kpop. that was expected. but the drawing reached 5000 notes, which makes it to be my second most popular drawing.
i did not expect any of this happen.
i was even celebrating friday night, drinking .. couple of … glasses of wine. and at midnight came back and checked tumblr. honestly i thought im seeing things, though i didnt drink at all that much (i never do), but im getting old, so you can never quite know : D


i have updated the series info on tumblr.
i received a question about it, and after thinking it through thoughtfully if i should share the info or not … in the end i did. < here > you can read the question and the full answer to it.
and here is the list of the fanart series that im planning to draw:

– A Lost Tale – EXO (already in progress. Don’t Cry, Prestige, Burn Alone, and Lullaby are the already existing pieces of it)
– Allegretto – EXO (coming up, the wip from today is from it. its mainly about the style)
– Haunted – SHINee (coming up)
– Cities – EXO (coming up, the title is not final yet)
– Armada – EXO (2016, the title is not final yet)


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