Allegretto PCY

Allegretto PCY

*  S p e e d   V i d e o  *

*  D e s c r i p t i o n  *


the die jung photos are crazy good. and really inspiring. : ) it took me like 16 seconds after seeing them to be inspired for 3 drawings. chanyeol was not the first, but i wanted to open the series with him. the colours and patterns are inspired by his rainbow tshirt he wore on the photoshooting. woah. : D and my nails.
the series Allegretto are going to be drawings in this free style. with sped up videos.
they are also going to be the first drawings im going to make available to buy the originals.
i hinted the next one within the drawing~~ : P

the reason why i named it allegretto: because allegretto in music means something .. thats kind of fast. not quite fast, but faster than not. (im so good in explaining, really) … its because the art is not melancholic and touching like my other arts, its kind of random (not calm) and the video is fast.

if you see any similarities (the neck drawing for example) with Minjae Lee’s illustrations its because i love his drawings : D no one i know uses markers in such an expert way. i was following him since ages, even before i had anything to do with any art uni, or the art itself, since high school. he is amazing. : ) his art is still quite different. i was reminded to him when i drew the neck part.

the resolution of the video is a little different. the reason is simple: i somehow managed to mess up the settings of Premiere and i dont know how to correct it haha. : D im going to solve the problem before the next video. ^ ^’

Allegretto PCY - Details

*  T o o l s  *

– A3

– pencils, watercolours, watercolour pencils, pens

Allegretto PCY - Details

Allegretto PCY - WIP

Allegretto PCY - Title

the computer skin looks great isnt it? : D
(available on society6)



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