s p a c e b e t w e e n

space between


because jellyfishes are awesome.
my golden dream is to have them at home in an aquarium. but professionals said that they are hypersensitive. and im almost sure i wouldnt be able to take care of them, even cactuses are dying around me. : (

i drew this actually for the playlist.
which i shared now. new playlist! yay. after like a year or so.
there are another three on the way.

i made myself to draw the cover for it for the sake of practice. im drawing the other covers too. for the sake of practice. : )

so the picture was made for it, i was listening to the playlist while drawing and it was inspired by the playlist as well.



s p a c e    b e t w e e n
electronic, kind of ambient, but not really. kind of like a semi-quiet electornic sound, less vocal. im note quite sure about the correct genre.

Tracks – 12:

1. The Last Saint – Mario M

2. Breath In (feat Wafia) – Japanese Wallpaper

3. Intro (feat Emalyn) – Crywolf

4. Fuse – Valentin Boomes

5. Sad Kids – Real Slow

6. One Long River – Yoshida Brothers

7. At the End of the Day – Amon Tobin

8. Clouds – Female

9. Staying – Koda

10. Love is Rare – Tom Day & Monsoonsiren

11. Remi (Essáy Remix) – Kyson

12. We Watched the Clouds Form Shapes (Kyson Remix) – Tom Day & Monsoonsiren


3 thoughts on “s p a c e b e t w e e n

  1. Phobo

    I’m so happy you made another playlist! I listen to your other ones all the time, whether I’m drawing, studying or just lounging around ^_^ And the cover looks so magical and mysterious. I’ll be looking forward to your next playlists 😀

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      im glad you like my playlists : D i have so many favourite songs i would want to share, just arranging them into playlists is so stressful : O like picking up from them, trying to find similar sounding ones, trying to order them into a harmonic playlist, even make cover for it, woah. : D

      the upcoming ones are going to be more electronic/ambient by the way. i hope you will still like it, its different from the previous indie/pop.

      1. Phobo

        Wow you put so much effort and hard work into your playlists! But it pays off because they sound amazing 🙂 Honestly I love all music (I’m going to be studying it at university in 2 weeks) so I promise you I will probably enjoy them just as much as your other ones 😀

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