self- and other portraits and a sketch



a self-portrait. featuring my new favourite lipstick (mac – creme in your coffee). 



my sis asked me to take a photo of her which she can use as a profile photo on facebook and instagram and what else.
she posed for a serious photo, which looked so weird, i made fun of her, she laughed on the situation, and voilá, the moment when you have to take a photo. : D
follow her, and be understanding, she is only learning how to use social media. she is an exo fan, jongin biased, and turning 10 next week. 
i so envy her hair.



my mum also asked me to take a photo of her to change her profile pic. i love her sweater. 
they both look so nice and lovely when they smile. im the only one who looks rather scary when trying to smile. : D

watercolour sketch


and a watercolour sketch. i was making myself to paint in really small, and getting into details. small is not for me, but i enjoyed it, it has several layers over each other. 



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