PEAK Film Productions, rebranding project, 2014

peak logo

PEAK Film Productions
rebranding project, 2014

Earlier this year, when I was working at the previous agency, I spent a lot of time at this Production company (eventually even more than at my original agency), learning and assisting. Somewhere along the way I started their rebranding. First of all changing their logo to a new, sophisticated, powerful, crisp design, putting their “digital”, “film production” feel into the logo itself as well. (before and my afters below)

peak logo progress

Then I continued with the company identity stuff, business card, website, etc. It was going well, but then I left the agency, and them as well, I kind of got exhausted of everything, and stopped all my ongoing branding projects. Peak was among them, unfortunately.

But couple of months later I saw their new website up, programmed, based on my guidelines and layout. I like it, just how I imagined it. Check it here:

I saw their new showreel too, it’s so nice. None of it is my work (unfortunately, I wish I had to do anything with so much awesomeness), but my logo is at the end, and I like how they put that black silk falling down like in a way that if you look at it they are actually mountain peaks. Really nice.

peak - website

I didn’t share it up till now, because I was waiting for the right time to visit them and photography in some of the identity stuff. Like the business cards. Or their equipment with the logo on it. I left so abruptly, I didn’t have time back then, and most of it wasn’t ready yet.

And now I feel that I won’t go there anytime soon either, so I just decided to share at least these. With having instagram I try to keep my portfolio(-kindofthing) active, and I’m bringing up some of my favourite projects from the past.


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