Breath In (Chanyeol)

Breath In


when i mentioned at Sillage that it was inspired by an other illustration which i havent drawn yet.. this illustration was what i was thinking about. the portrait part didnt take that long, the flowers were a killer though. as a result this illustration ended up to be the longest i have spent on drawing. it took about 60 hours. in almost one month period. during which time i got invaded by ladybugs, the reason why i featured them. also this is the longest process film i have uploaded, 5.30mins. and i decided to use my new logo. i used it several times already, not sure if you have noticed, on pictures not fanart related, but i decided to cover everything with it. though i originally was planning to start to use it next year.

Breath In (Detail)

(im quoting one of my replies from youtube: ) i usually explain my arts on my blog, except this time : ) i was sitting over it last night, thinking if i should, but i couldnt quite put into words, and its so messy, i decided everyone should see this illustration the way they want to. — it was inspired in winter, i was waiting for the metro, listening to the song: Breathe In by Japanese Wallpaper. as a small direction to understand the picture in the way i see i can tell that the main line of the song is “Living off your memories”. but since its such a light bound to the inspiration this time i really wanted to let it free, and let everyone understand it the way they want to. the way you guys feel it, personally. and try if it works. : D

Breath In (Detail)

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• pencils (5h > 8b)

Breath In (Detail) Breath In (Detail) Breath In (Detail) Breath In Breath In (Banner)


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