let me clear something: i have been to italy before, but to be honest, i wasnt quite a fan of it. i was at the regular tourist places, venice, verona, garda lake, etc. things people always visit there. i didnt really like those, i mean they are nice, but kind of just “meh”. the people at those places were also more of the uncomfortable kind.
this time i went to italy because of business stuff and an exhibition, only for 2 days. which means i had no connection with the tourist places whatsoever, no tourists, no people tired of tourists, no people living off tourists, no faked beauty, no faked smile.
and this time i fell in love with that country.
i was just falling from one wander to the other, i must have looked like i have never been there, but it really felt like so! it was beautiful, the people were incredibly nice and friendly and warm, the places have seen were like treasure boxes living there untouched for thousand years, the guys were really handsome and lovely, the business went in the philosophy of “lets try to do whats good for everyone”, which i must admit, i havent heard in years. i even started to like the italian language, which kind of hurt my ears before, but now it sounds so lovely and nice! i was repeating words and expressions like a retarded, because i loved how it sounds.
i probably have never drank this many espresso in my entire life either.

i think i have never talked this much about a journey before : D
it just really surprised me so much. i so did not expect this to happen, since i really was just “meh” all about italy, based on my previous experiences, and its quite a challenge to change my mind once i have a personal experience based opinion already, that has built itself up through years and years, and since the times of my childhood. i grew to be the one who will decline to visit milan or rome, because of no interest whatsoever. but now, because i had to, i went, and it flipped me in 180degree in just 2 days. wow.


i was in Nieve and Parma during this time.
i chose a cheap little hotel up in the hills, owned by a family, 4 rooms, warm, with blankets my grandma used to have, a biiiig cat walking around inside laying on you, 3 dogs outside carving for you to rub their belly. felt like staying at home. and when you wake up that view is basically what awaits you and the waking sun. i mean Four Seasons can hide behind this place.






the exhibition was fine. i hoped there would be more of the industrial packaging from the design view (like food packaging exhibition in italy from the design view, are you kidding, i want!), but it was still quite useful. we originally went there because of food processing, factory stuff, robots, machines, packaging from the machines’ view, and this exhibition was exactly about that.



3 thoughts on “italy

  1. Charlotte B.

    The view is simply beautiful. 🙂
    When i saw it on facebook i thought it was where you live, in Hungary but now i know with the description ^^
    I never been to Italy but the different places, exept the great view of the mountains, remind me a place i went in the north of France. The hotel was kind of small but the breakfast and the people were amazing there !

  2. silviapè ٩(๑˃̌ۿ˂̌๑)۶ (@silentium_)

    I just wanted to say I’m really glad you liked Italy this time.
    I live near Verona and I have to go there almost every day; I understand(well, I think I do) what you mean when you say the ‘popular’ cities are kind of ‘meh’; I mean, I absolutely love my city, but a lot of things really lack the authenticity you find in places like the one you visited and that can really ruin the experience.
    Anyway, the photos are really lovely and your last drawing is wonderful~

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      thank you : )
      i dont envy you for living so close to a tourist hot point. but Italy, as now i was lucky to experience, is such a lovely nice place, so i still kind of envy you for living there. : )


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