taemin portrait (draw this again challenge)

taemin 2014

i actually dont think that portrait really needed to be redrawn. i dont think there is anything wrong with it. by redrawing i wanted to see how much my style changed. mostly in the meaning that now i dare to choose what interests me on the picture, i dare to really add to it whatever i want to, and i dare to not care about the rest. : ) thats the change i went through between 2012 and 2014, this redrawn portrait shows that so well. this is how i would have drawn that photo if i met it now.

i drew the portrait, the 2012 one, right before i changed in my drawing approach. there were still about 3 others, similar, which came after this one, before my drawing really did change. but this one was already in the process. see the lines from the rose, the colour vs bw, the ink, the outlined jacket. small steps, small rebels, but see how far they took me : )

its from the nylon photoshooting. when he got adult. i liked that shooting, the photos, and his lovely cute bts interview. ^ ^

interesting fact: since 2012 i didnt technically had any drawing classes. which means between the two portraits are only my own practice and personal self-improvement. my last art class was couple of months before this. (ever since then we only have design classes, i can choose to use illustration for a project, but thats only my choice and no one teaches me how to draw any longer. and in fact i didnt even attend uni in the 2012/2013 year, i put my school-year on hold and left to china to work for a year, remember?)

draw this again challenge: taemin 2012,2014

so far i have two redrawn portraits. i plan to redraw one more, from far back, from 2009, before i entered the uni and had art classes. that will be shocking. : D i want to see how really much did i improve thanks to the uni, and thanks to overall stepping on design/art field.

and to be really really honest with you, im actually drawing these for the commissions : DD i will put out the commission info in december, and these are the “First Category” illustrations, and i dont really have these lately, i need examples. : )



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