photo + playlist cover

space between (new) playlist cover


i made a new cover to that playlist.
i was just soooooo unsatisfied with my digital art skills : D jeez, i really should practice it like day and night. i changed the cover of this playlist instead to something i know im good at.
and because the next playlist is parking on my itunes for like 3 months now, and i didnt share because i didnt have the cover drawn, and i got annoyed, im going to make a graphic edit and share it this weekend.

the photo is taken by me as well, of course.
its free for any abstract understanding.
however – technically said – as an interesting footnote – its actually a massive ice cube breaking the light into spectrum really softly and blurry, and it is just really really beautiful.
also an interesting fact: i tried to adjust it slightly, like i normally do (lighten, deepen, etc), but in the end i realised it looks the most perfect in its raw and bare way, so its totally without any adjustments, which is something i cant recall when was the last time i did and even shared.


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