Christmas Giveaway: Free Commission

christmas giveaway - free commissions

Yesterday was Santa Claus Day for us (Christmas is for Winter Father), it’s a happy day, children get a looot of sweets into their boots during the night. My little sister tried to record Santa on her mobile phone camera. Santa was tricky though, he turned off the lights. : D

Yesterday also was the day my Christmas Giveaway* started.
I’m going to start drawing commissions from 2015.01.01. But the first two places on the list are out for christmas, free, gift from me to you. Two winners will have the chance to have their wish and desire be drawn. Anything. Anyone.

To enter:
> comment under the giveaway Youtube video
> like and/or reblog the giveaway image on Tumblr
> favourite and/or retweet the giveaway image on Twitter

* The giveaway promotion stands only for First Type Commissions + Shipping. Two winners will be chosen among the people entered. To read more about commissions and to understand what First Type Commission means please visit . To enter the giveaway comment on Youtube under the promotion video (, favourite or retweet the giveaway image on Twitter (, like or reblog the giveaway image or video on Tumblr ( The giveaway closes on 2014.12.23. The winners will be chosen random. The winners will be contacted, and have 48 hours to reply. If a winner cannot be contacted or have not replied after 48 hours another winner will be chosen.

i really wanted this to be available for the most social hotpoints, the places im usually at.
youtube makes possible only comments, thats the only way i can check who wanted to enter the giveaway. this gave the opportunity for a lot of you tell me things you might not have told before. and it turned out to be my christmas gift as well. soooooooo many lovely comments, i read them all, they make me smile, laugh sometimes, all of them are really nice.

notice my website there? : )
i have been working hard to be in time with it, and with the commission info i have been delaying for like forever. unfortunately my portfolio basically doesn’t exist (someone tell me what i have been doing in the past 6 years, because i see totally nothing), but im working on it.
the situation have been especially challenging because next week is our last one in the semester, and ALL project deadlines are during it. which means i have minimum 2 deadlines every day. unnecessary to explain how it feels like from within, most of you probably can imagine, since we all have semester-ends. but it will be over in a week.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway: Free Commission

  1. Charlotte B.

    Your new site is just amazing ! I mean it is simple but I like it ! It really represent your style of work ! Did you make it yourself ? 😀

    And I don’t know why but i’m very happy for you. With this new site it’s like a new step in your life ^^ I don’t know how you see it but for me it’s like after all of the works you’ve already done, you’re finally starting your career ! I don’t know why but it was the first thing i thought about when you announce your official site ! ^^

    So yeah … i wish you a lot of good things with this new site !

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      thank you *o*
      naaaah, i didnt make it myself *hides under the table* i should have had, and i could have had, but i saved my nerves, it was given anyway. im not an expert when it comes to webdesign.
      your supportive thoughts felt so nice ^o^ thank you~


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