freehand hipster typo

freehand hipster typo

“It’s like a bad dream, but I swear it’s goddamn daylight” – Kate Miller – Feed the Light lyrics

can you imagine i have never made something like this? this is something that every graphic student tried at least once. well, i didn’t. whenever i wanted i always found something else to do, and never actually got to this. not today!
with all this “let’s do what i always wanted to do” – new year concept of mine i didn’t think much when i suddenly had the desire to.
the thing is that I’m not good in freehand typo. my hands start to shake often when i start to control them, and while this looks super artsy in a drawing, its not a good thing when it comes to typography, geometry, and such. i did have some fight with my hands while making this too. i can’t draw a damned straight line. -.- ah, well, but while i was getting angry about that i remembered one of my drawing teachers from the first and second year art classes. when we had our last class with her she said to me, as the conclusion of our two years together: “i guess i will never understand why you can’t draw a straight line.”
plus in classes and life i somehow always got surrounded by some really talented typographers, mostly guys, who were super talented in drawing creative typos or not creative typos. my experiments would look like cats’ scratch next to them.
but its 2015 and i felt like doing it, so i did.
and i loved doing it.
though let me tell you this takes muuuuch longer than i thought it would. i spent 4 hours with it. i could have finished two portraits during this time. hm.

it even crossed my mind what if typo posters will be my first, the 2015 january art project. i had something else in my mind, but since I’m in the mood.. why not. we will see.


One thought on “freehand hipster typo

  1. Mehula

    Your art work is amazing!
    Also, can you please please post the lyrics of the song Feed The Light by Kate Miller ?
    Thank you ^_^


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