he looked so lovely in that scarf covering half of his face. just how much more adorable solution than covering himself under a mask. though those ridiculous masks have been fun, i wanted to draw them too, but didn’t get to it.
the interesting thing about this drawing is that i scanned it in. i never scan my drawings. i don’t even remember when i scanned them in the last time, in the last 4 years i didn’t, that’s for sure. scanning can affect the drawing in a really negative way. but I’m just soooo annoyed at the winter season, getting dark at 3pm. i woke up at 1pm, tried to get to my senses, and its already 3. i get to the level to have desire and to be able to create something at around 6pm, when it’s already pitch black all around, and can’t take a photo of it. so i scanned it in, and because of that it’s halfway to mixed media. i had to correct a lot digitally, to give back the depth it originally had. i think the outcome is nice, not different from my usual portraits, I’m surprised. but it’s a4 sized, which is really really really rare from me, and i don’t have a3 scanner, not to mention a2. this was a one of kind occasion.

while drawing i realized kyungsoo never really covered his face up like this (did he? i don’t remember this to happen). i wish he tried once. of course i could draw him with a huge scarf covering his face, but i want to see it in real. : ) … a black one, naturally. my huge scarf is black too. .. and white. and purple. red and grey too. okay, i like huge scarves, i have some. .. less than i want to have though.
I’m actually curious how he would look in white huge scarf. his black eyes, dark hair, black sweater, black jeans, white scarf, woah, that would be a hot thing.
… okay, actually I’m thinking about it that much, because tomorrow is his birthday, and last year i didn’t draw anything for his birthday, and i was thinking maybe this year i would. i mean he is my bias, like, for gods sake, at least for him. i don’t know. tomorrow i have to prepare my walls for the exam exhibition. next week is exam week. yeap.
but our honey in his cool black with a soft white huge scarf covering half of his face is still a hot picture to imagine, you can’t deny that.


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