exam + bubblydiaries is 3 years old

preparing for the exam

this week is exam-week for us. i have finished preparing for it, used up almost all of my homeworks from this semester, what you see that’s basically it. i was looking at it, thinking, if i sat down right now, i could finish all of these in 3 days in a calm way, 1 day if i was pushing myself and make an effort. now that makes me wonder then what i have been doing all this 3 months.

preparing for the exam

i was planning to share these here, but didn’t really get to it. the top row will be my first art project btw, i will make it full, because i liked the thought behind my school project, so i will grow it out into an art project: Secondary Emotions. that’s the reason for why you haven’t seen it yet. for the rest of them i don’t have an excuse.

and today i didn’t draw a kyungsoo portrait either. hopefully tomorrow i will. so honey got 22 today. thats an awesome year, i loved being 22, it was fun, i hope his will be too. (and i got 22 in 2012.2.2. and my lucky number is – guess what – 2, and 22, and all that’s 2, so my year was nice, yes.)

this wordpress blog also had his birthday today. which is a coincidence i didn’t realise up till 10 mins ago, when i logged in, that i actually registrated on the same day as kyungsoo’s birthday. in 2012. Bubblydiaries is a proud 3 years old. .. … and 3 years ago i was 22 too. just like now kyungsoo.


so, with this blog and with tumblr (my tumblr will have its birthday in May) happened the first time that i stayed at one online place for longer than a year. before them i used to have blogs here and there, but got tired of them after a year. not now, here i am, after 3 years. and I’m happy to be here, and happy you are here too.
this blog will probably see me grow old, get all wrinkly, live with an army of cats, and scare the loud neighbor kids when their ball falls onto my grass.
because i can’t imagine myself without this blog. (and if it’s really going to be like this, i probably should have taken the url thing a little more serious 3 years ago)


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