This drawing is special because i didn’t draw nonfanart for about a year. Except couple of cases when I had to, so those weren’t personal. I said in the beginning of the last year I was trying to draw nonfanart, but failed, until I gave up trying at all.
But couple of days ago I was drawing a tattoo commission, where the person asked me – among others – to draw a female, but on the “how” part I was let free. So I drew one, the way I felt like drawing it, and it came out really nice, I loved it. The next day I really felt like drawing a female similar to that one again. And I sat down and drew her, with a bunny I really wanted to draw for longlonglong time.
The drawing is also special because it’s on less than A4 size, which I never use for drawing. Never.

I actually totally love how it turned out. It took me extremely long to draw it, about 10 hours. Which is about 5 times as long as my simple fanarts, which surprised me. It was really relaxing, a whole new experience to draw without references. I always use references to help myself, I guess I’m not sure enough in my own skills. Not this time, I didn’t really care if it turn out “correct” or not, everything looks the way I want it to look. So It was great.

It’s really mixed art. I drew it entirely with pencil first, then I scanned in and decided to color it, and then I got lost in coloring and digitals, and in the end I took away the colors again. I still can’t decide which looks better: with or without colors?


I want to name that bunny. My sis already asked me to draw a pink version of that bunny which she can frame and put in her room. And I have a bunch of ideas of drawing that bunny in other situations. I was thinking to name him Edward, mostly in courtesy of the Edward Tulane tale. But my brother’s name is Edward, and it feels weird because of that. Maybe I should call him Tulane then. .. Nah, I don’t like that. Sigh.


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