Baekhyun is wearing glasses fanart


Process Film:


I really can’t wait spring, and I really wanted to draw something fresh and sunny and springy.
Used as reference (and inspiration) the tulips I got for my birthday.
They died already : (

I loved the idea of drawing a springy nature picture into his jacket, while the other Baek is wearing glasses reflecting a city and airport and busy people.
Choosing two images with glasses isn’t the best idea if you want to draw him looking and resembling himself. But that wasn’t my point.






I’m having some major problems with my January Art project. I finished it, and didn’t like how it turned out. Then I showed some people asking for opinion. And we just realised what is the problem with the video. And it turns out I have to rerecord half of it. And you know what I hate the most in the world.. – second most .. .. – thrid, whatever. Redoing things. I rather do something new, never redo. I will remake this one though, but not now. Sighs.


One thought on “Baekhyun is wearing glasses fanart

  1. Alba Madero

    You know EXO is coming back this March, right? I´m so excited. I hope you do more fanarts… you have a lot of talent!


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