H. C. Andersen: The Fir Tree

Andersen: The Fir Tree

Part of my Andersen school project.
As part of the project we had to make our present for Andersen, to salute in front of his work and his world and himself. My approach was a typography with illustration short series.
I chose my three favourite tales. The first one is The Fir Tree.
The story is about the life of a pine tree, how from the very first moment of his life he wanted to be more and better, he put all his strength into growing and to grow beautiful and graceful. That was all he could think about. As a result he did manage to grow fast and became outstanding, he did succeed and received the fame he was yearning for. Only that in the end he realised he was too busy dreaming and working towards a better life to appreciate what he had during his life.
It’s a beautiful story.
Its’ last sentence is also my favourite quote from Andersen: “for all stories must come to an end at last.”

Unusual from me that I used the Hungarian title instead of the English translation. Since I knew the story in Hungarian I guess it felt closer to me to use the Hungarian title.

Andersen: The Fir Tree

Andersen: The Fir Tree

Andersen: The Fir Tree


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