Paradise (Kyungsoo)



The last time I drew a portrait with coloured pencils were 5 years ago. It turned out disastrous. It kind of scared me off. So as you can see I rarely take out my coloured pencils, and since then never for a portrait.
That was part of the reason why I didn’t even record a video, I wasn’t entirely sure of how it will turn out. (The other part of the reason is that I didn’t want to colour my nails for a video.)

I was calmly waiting for the Kyungsoo teaser to come out (tell me who was responsible for the order), I knew I will get inspired by either the video or the photos. Though I loved the most the car parts, especially when he steps out of it in front of that cool station, minimal composition, pastels+black&white, etc. 5*. 5* for everything, really, I’m in love with the style of the teasers, the entire feel.
This image was actually inspired by the moment he steps out the door, we see his back, and there are giant bird of paradise leaves in front of him, pink pastel roof, sand coloured background. That is where this drawing came from.

Paradise - wip

Since I love the pastel feel (lately too, but in the videos as well) I wanted to keep the colours. Paints would have been too harsh, pastels are way too bothersome, I didn’t feel like digital drawing I wanted to create it in the reality. Coloured pencils left. And even I am surprised by how it turned out. I love the face. The lips, the eyes. In colour and on paper.
I will definitely keep this thing going.


I used my watercolour pencil set to draw this, and an A3 paper.
Rediscovered how to use coloured pencils too, it was not always easy when you are used to monochrome portraits. Like I have a technique with hair, thanks to it I draw it quite fast while looking realistic, but in coloured pencils it doesn’t work that way, I didn’t know how to “cheat”, and when I realised I have to draw basically every hair and shade it I was like are you kidding me.

I also remembered what my teacher said back when the last time I used coloured pencils, it was in Taiwan, and he was counted as a traditional person, with fine style in art. And looking at my disastrous coloured pencil drawing he only told me that “You still try to shade in the classic way, from light to dark. That’s not how you are supposed to do it.”
It just turned up in my head while drawing this. I still don’t get it, how else am I supposed to shade. I guess I will level-up when I finally understand what he meant.


My semester has ended, now exam time has arrived in hands with major graduation-panic.
This was one crazy semester, I don’t think I have ever worked this much for school in the past 6 years. That was why I didn’t draw fanarts, though I wanted to, but I was caved up in my room for 7/24 working. Now I just have to live through the graduation project.

I can’t wait to get back to drawing and videos.



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