Find Transparency (graduation project) – Raindrop

find transparency

“And you are just like that transparent raindrop
Passing through my skin and drenching my heart”
/ EXO – Beautiful (Chinese version)

find transparency

Guess who put EXO as part of her diploma project.
Really, I totally actually did it, no regrets.

My graduation project is about transparency, and on the level of humans we can talk about transparency when someone is absolutely honest. I’m representing honesty in my project in the actual graphics and typos I used to show the layers of transparency. I present my own honesty, me, myself, as a person, the girl behind everything – and EXO is a big part of me and who I am today, like it or not.
Please excuse my long storytelling, but I have never said these before and I won’t repeat it again. But I want them to know – especially after the events of these past months – what they mean to us. I know, I very well know that the members are only the peak of what we know as EXO, and I honestly totally adore every single person behind them, who put work, knowledge, energy, and time into them (the teasers, gosh, I want to know who made the exodus teasers, who was responsible for that amazingness, I’m applying for a job to whoever made those, I want to work there – update: ig: vm_project). But if a well-made group was enough I would be a fan of a lot of groups now, but here I am as a – no matter what – proud EXO-L, and that is because of our honeys. Without the power and energy they give me I wouldn’t be able to draw now, nor to use the entire Adobe pack for my designs, I wouldn’t be editing films, and would not have known a lot of amazing girls I met in the past years. Overall I would have been me divided by hundred times, everything that matters to me right know wouldn’t be part of my life, and even the thought of this scares me. I didn’t even notice when exactly I fell for them, when I realised it was already too late, and I don’t know how could I possibly repay them for everything. I wish the sun always shined an additional ray onto them, their slice of cake always to be a little sweeter, their teamug always warming up their fingers. I hope one day I will be able to pay back to them everything they gave me, and even more.
Loving you honeys, everything is gonna be just fine : )

This part of my diploma project is for them, it’s representing my love towards them, and my gratefulness for what they gave me to improve as a human being and as a designer, so that now, today, I can show something like this.

And this is exactly what I’m going to tell to the examining committee, the creative directors and whoever will be requiring explanations from me, and I don’t care what they will think, “the stupid little fangirl who can’t grow up”, because they have no idea —
They do not have a single idea — …
And I’m going to proudly hold my back to it. Because this is me.

find transparency

find transparency


3 thoughts on “Find Transparency (graduation project) – Raindrop

  1. Alba Madero Milla

    I used the whole teasers concept (marketing and such) for my psychology class. I got a really good mark, so I´m sure you will get an amazing one too.
    I really like your work, and I love that you are an EXO-L (I liked more “exotic” but 😦 ). I will be waiting for more fan arts. Your Chanyeol´s “Breath In” amaze me every time I see it. It is my pc´s wallpaper.

    Keep the good work and fighting!

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      I think the teasers concept is really a good choice for psychology class! It’s lovely to hear that other EXO-Ls use them in their other-than-fandom life too. (I didn’t quite like it first either, but now I prefer this to “exotic”, because “exotic” is just a word created from exo, having at most one additional meaning, which is something like “other than the usual”. But EXO-L means a lot more, since we are just another subgroup of EXO, not less than M or K, and when we use just EXO without the additional letters its not only that two subgroup, but since we are EXO-L, now we are part of the EXO too. I love it : D Chanyeol was the one who had this idea, do I remember right? Good job, Chanyeol, good job. )
      Oooh, Breath In.. In couple of days I will be over my graduation exams, and I will celebrate it with sitting down and draw a new detailed big illustration, just like Breath In. I really can’t wait *o*


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