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I have graduated! Yesss! : D

So these last weeks were pretty intense, and highly-highly stressful. Graduation, exams, and my work all in the same time. In my longing for a little peace I tried to sit down and draw something, but they all ended up in the trash, it’s been a while since I felt a drawing so hopeless to throw out. But it’s over! It’s been successful. I was really scared of getting failed : D Not because I’m not good, but because I was graduating from visual design, while my graduation project was more on the art/installation side. Though I think it’s still in the topic, it’s more like a campaign which is already visual communication, but still, I was afraid others won’t see it that way. It seems like they did. Though I will receive the written critiques only next week.

The photos up there are from when I was building up my exhibition. With a great help from my brothers and parents, who they all helped, cut, built, glued, polished, and endured me with my nervous breakdowns, like angels all this time.

And this is from the exhibition:

_DSC2055 2 2

Now I only have to learn french to actually receive my diploma > <


2 thoughts on “graduation

  1. Alba Madero Milla

    YAY! Finally! Congratulations! I´m sure your critiques won´t be bad.

    Lots of XOXOs



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