I joined the 7colorschallenge hosted by picolo this week on Instagram. I decided to draw these characters which I really want to draw but never actually really do. And I could use some practice too.

I’m going backwards, pink was the last one:




– lavendel, my favorite flower (along with lilac), they started to bloom this week in our garden


– inspired by the storms we had couple of days ago, one of them had its’ lightbolt hit near our house and killed among others our internet for two days. How do you know the storm hits in any second? The wind rises. Hence the wind is taking out the stormcloud for a walk.


– Nymph of the swamp. This is a redraw of an image I drew 3 years ago, but is lost since then. I tried to find it now because I wanted to compare them, but it’s on one of my broken drivers holding the their data locked until I get them repaired : / And those are supposed to branches, reminding to horns, but not horns, that was not my intention.






– strawberry milkshake

These drawings I made with mixed tools. First I drew them on paper, with pencil, and then I colored them digitally. They are pretty small, I drew them into a notebook with a size smaller than A4, but little bigger than A5. The drawings itself are smaller though, they are A5 at most, the yellow one would be even A6.




I liked drawing these. And even in 7 days the improvement is visible. And they took less and less time as I got used to it. The red one, the first took me 5 hours to draw and I was rushing with it, because I got almost late to the 24hrs deadline. And the last, pink one took me 3 relaxed hours.

Now that I know how long these take I probably will draw these more often, because I like their simplicity, how they aren’t suppose to share complex ideas. I usually draw once in two weeks, because it’s difficult to make myself sit down and draw when I know I’m engaging myself for days, weeks even, because I rarely draw, so when I do I try to draw something complex and perfect, getting lost in the details. While these aren’t supposed to be perfect and deliver simple ideas, that get lost daily in my life, because I don’t draw them. And 3 hours I do have to draw them.

I like challenges, I always learn a lot from them.



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