I’m having some problems with drawing fanarts lately, and I really don’t like it. I haven’t had to throw out any drawings in the past 3 years, not even once, and two weeks ago I had a week when I managed to completely mess up even 3 of them. I thought I was just tired and burnt out after the exams. Then I drew those 7colorschallenge portraits, which turned out better than I expected them to, so I thought I got back to normal. But two days ago I tried to draw a fanart and messed up again. The reason why I messed up because I can’t seem to find patience. I’m like on nerves when I sit down to draw fanarts lately. I’m starting to feel sorry for the paper loss I’m causing with this.
Then today, as lately I have the habit, after waking up, while drinking my morning tea I already sit down to draw (got used to it at the 7colorschallenge). So today I managed to finish this fanart. Hidden face, almost messed up too. I don’t know if you notice, but the lines here too are extremely stressful/fast/annoyed compared to my other fanarts. I don’t know why is this happening to me, hopefully it will pass. I keep trying. : )

The fanart I messed up two days ago, so I never actually shared anywhere:

I was also trying to paint last week. A fanart. It looks like a disaster. I should leave painting to those who actually can. I’m disappointed in myself : (


This is a fanart which is still struggling for life. I don’t really touch it lately, but it still has chances. I try to keep myself away from it so I won’t mess it up in this whateverperiod of mine.


So I keep trying, I keep getting angry over the outcome, and engage myself after it with something that makes me physically exhausted, like gardening, or training (I tried boxing yesterday! me. boxing.).


2 thoughts on “0614

  1. Alba M

    Take it easy! You say you messed up the Chanyeol one, what a shame! The expression in that picture looks quite good :(.
    In “Hidden Face”… is that Kyungsoo? (I recognize his lips in the last one, but I´m doubting with the first…)


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