Red Palms (Kai fanart) + ASC

red palms (kai)


Process Film:


Red Palms wip

So my portrait drawing skills still didn’t quite came back, I have more unfinished, messed up drawings since then. About Jongin too, a pencil portrait. But since the ASC thing I really wanted to draw him, out of gratitude, out of happiness, or the love for him I don’t know, I just wanted to. The eyes were going well, but then I absolutely messed up the lips and face. I was really determined, so I erased it to zero, and started again. I tried to cut the video in a way so it won’t be that visible, but if you pay attention you might notice the lips looking totally different in the first half of the video : ))

I really hope this whatever phase of my passes sometime after all. I’m really starting to be disappointed in myself. Honestly. I really don’t understand, it absolutely only affects my fanarts. Non-fanarts I have no problem drawing, I can design, I was making packagings this week with much success and without any problems. It’s only about fanarts.

I’m glad though this drawing turned out fine. Almost gave up, but I liked the eyes way too much to leave it.

And because of ASC, really, I wanted to publish a Jongin fanart.

Ah, right, this ASC thing have been going around in other sites, but I didn’t share it on this blog. So After School Club featured four of my drawings, and Baekhyun and Jongin, who were sitting there, saw them! I have been running rounds screaming when this happened, I have been walking 10cm-s above the ground for two days. Now that I think back to it, it kind of seems unreal, like it didn’t even happened. I have to remind myself that this actually happened, they actually saw my drawings. WOAH, they did! And Jongin even praised the fanarts – like what he saw that day, in general, but since it’s general he probably meant my ones too, so Jonging himself praised my fanarts ( – did you see that line of thoughts?) and that’s whah, really happened!

asc exo copy

Fun fact: this Jongin drawing looks totally like Kyungsoo. While drawing I had to especially concentrate to make him look different from Kyungsoo (sorry Jongin, really, it was unintentional). I draw too much Kyungsoo. Everything starts to look like honey.
The proof:




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