Process Film:

The idea came really long ago, the first time I heard the music, Dead V, I used in the video. So that’s where the inspiration came from.
That music made me feel calm and intense, almost scared, in the same time (like death? it’s title). I instantly saw it in front of my eyes this way, except the birds. I knew I wanted birds, I knew I wanted them to be intense, but I never could kind of grab them. I decided I won’t wait any longer for them, they will turn out somehow during the process. In the end they fade away, just like how I couldn’t catch them myself. 

The title is from the thought of having something less negative than “Dead”. : D I decided words we don’t say cause our slow death little after little, words we don’t want to, we are afraid to say out loud, words we don’t dare to admit, silent whispers. And as silent and fragile they are on the surface, they kill us, they are dangerous, intense, terrible. The birds are standing for those whispers. Screaming into our ears, chocking us, tearing apart.




– A2 paper
– pencils from 6H to 8B

I didn’t count it, but it was between 20 and 30 hours somewhere. The feathers took long, but I saved up a lot of time on the hair, which is quite dark, and it didn’t require much work for the details to come out.







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