So it’s time to make a post about it. I have moved to Auckland earlier this week. No, not as a vacation, though of course I want to walk around New Zealand and drink its’ beauty all up without letting a single drop get away, but I plan on stretch that out for long. I came to stay. : )

I had this in my plans for a year now, but first I had to receive my diploma. Now that I have got my BA, I have been slowly preparing myself to leave, wrapped up my works, adjusted my papers, contacted some agencies in New Zealand, packed my life into a bag (it weights 26 kg-s, my life weights 26 kg-s) and set off.

My originally 27 hours travel got almost doubled because of complications. My A380 had technical problems (I tried to not think about it) in Dubai, and we had to wait for almost 6 hours. It resulted me missing my connection in Melbourne. This was my first time ever missing my connection flight, a whole new experience. : D The Melbourne airport is closed for the night, and the next plane to Auckland left only in the morning the next day, so me (and about 20 others) had to wait for the whole night there. It was quite cozy, on an entirely empty airport, in the transit, all alone, with blankets and pillows, wandering around closed shops, empty toilets, not a soul. In the morning my new connection flight was an other A380 coming from Dubai, stopping in Melbourne, the next after mine to leave to Melbourne from Dubai. .. Could have booked a ticket for this.
So with a lot of delay I finally managed to arrive to Auckland, exhausted.


I failed to get prepared for the weather. I expected to arrive into spring. As it turns out – and I would have been happy if someone told me this earlier – New Zealand has 3 cold seasons and 1 hot. 16 here feels like 5 in Middle-Europe, with icy humid strong winds. So most of the time I’m freezing, and taking hot steamy showers like 2-3 times a day.

But I love to be here, I love this place, I love the people, I love how they treat each other, I love how they treat me, I love the view, I even love the hills and how I have to climb through 2 hills to get to the bus stop or to the grocery store or to anywhere ever here, and I’m out of breath when I finally reach it, but it’s fine because I can use a little exercise.

I’m looking for a job, if you know any design/art/creative/visual related opportunity in New Zealand (not necessarily in Auckland, but most of it is going on here) please let me know, or put in a good word for me, my Portfolio and CV is up on my website:

Also, if you have any advice, places I definitely should check out, or stories to share about New Zealand don’t hesitate to tell me, I’m really curious about anything related : )




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