My first fanart here.
I have wanted to draw his hair and eyes, and little of his jaw, and nothing else. When I got to this stage I started to doubt if it’s enough, I kind of wanted to draw more of him. So I was caught in between, decided to decide later, but I think I did well for not continuing, this is just enough, just exactly what is needed. How he runs his fingers through his hair, looking on the side, with that gaze. It’s everything, there is no need to say more with the drawing. Look at this , he burns a hole into the screen, right into my eyes, and he knows it.


On an other note, I managed to finally get down to the beach.
There were a lot of dogs, I suddenly started to miss my Szesze. Would be lovely to have him here scratching my leg to get him up to my lap, he would lay down, and sigh, then after a couple of mins getting annoyed with me moving around, jumping down, taking a round in the room before getting back to me scratching my leg again, getting annoyed again, jumping down, taking a round, getting back…- And then me getting annoyed, telling him to stop and go to his own bed, then he just gets sad and goes back to his bed, and I would feel really bad for making him sad, I would get up, grab him and take him with me back to where I’m sitting.

File 2015. 09. 19. 18 39 50 b


3 thoughts on “0919

  1. Mary

    Awesome drawing! I would leave it just the way it is, the eyes are expressive and invite one to wonder who is this. Leaving most of his face out let’s the mystery stay and gives total focus on his eyes.


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