I’m actually still not entirely used to the time here, but today that helped me when I had to wake up at 3.30am to catch the first bus and get to the filming.
I like dawns, they make me feel like a productive responsible person, and all alone, safe.
Though I was running to catch the bus, I took these two photos on the way. Fogs are beautiful.


I’m still on hunt for a full time position here, going to interviews, looking around, but in the meantime I started to help out on film productions. It’s better than gym.
Filming is my heart-love, really, I probably have said this before, but I don’t care what I’m doing on a production just being there and being part of it makes me happy, always. And that might have been a side note on my page of reasons why I want to move to New Zealand. So I’m really happy to find this opportunity, I’m exhausted, but I’m really happy.





2 thoughts on “0924

  1. sandysummers123

    Really loved this post! I’m hope you find the right job that you are looking for. Can’t wait to read more. Fantastic pictures by the way


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