Confession ( Kyungsoo )



Process Film:

There is a tree at one of our neighbors, the purple-red one I showed in the video. I have couple of favorite trees here already (we all have favorite trees admit it : D ), that is one of them. It’s blooming, I feel like I put spring on repeat this year. Well, I did, kind of. : D
I always thought it has thorns, actually. Which is why I liked it in the first place. The first I noticed it I planned to include it in a drawing, where I need something soft with thorns that hurt if you bother it too much. Everything for the eyes, nothing for the touch.

That’s when I have been inspired by the song I used for the video, not the usual rhythm, I did struggle a little with it at the editing. That tree immediately popped up in my head. When I went out to take reference photos of it, and record the video, I noticed those are actually not thorns, just little spiky leaves, acting like thorns, but they are not. This made me love the tree and it’s presence in my drawing even more.

It’s like a confession from me to him, usually my drawings are more about how I see them and how that makes me feel, but this one isn’t about him, it’s the connection, with me, or my connection towards him.



I used a new paper now, it’s A3, I didn’t bring my papers, so I had to find them here.
I originally wanted to buy Canson, as that’s my favorite paper, I couldn’t find it, but later I didn’t even try, because even Fabriano costs a lot here, which is like half-way to Canson, so I’m afraid to see the price of Canson paper. And I don’t like Fabriano, so I decided to try out a local (?) paper. It was packed, I couldn’t touch it (what kind of paper shop doesn’t let to touch the paper, gosh, that’s a basic, how am I supposed to guess the texture?!) – I have expected it to be a plain drawing paper, just like it is supposed to be. Well, it isn’t.
It has … it is like … like it is waxed I don’t know how to describe it better. As if you took a candle and rubbed a really thin layer with it all over the paper. Who had this idea, what makes you think that’s a good idea, and who sells this kind of paper?!
I hated it for the first, I really struggled with it. I drew another fanart last week I didn’t share yet, that was the drawing of a battle between me and the paper. Now I had more experience, and we managed to compromise, I didn’t have as much trouble with it.
A good thing about it is that thanks to that waxy texture the pencil lines are barely visible, it’s much easier to tone. A bad thing about it is that building up the tone is barely possible, I did everything I could, which did turn out proper, but this isn’t how the process supposed to go. Not to mention that my entire drawing likes to smudge, which never happened with my papers, because I’m using mostly the H palette, that doesn’t smudge.
But in the end I kind of like how soft it is, since the lines are not quite visible, it makes the entire drawing look even softer, which is a concept to my drawings, so it helps. A little.




  • A3
  • pencils ( 6H – 6B ), watercolored pencils



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