Playlist: Unfold

Unfold playlist cover
It’s been over a year! .. since the last time I uploaded a playlist. Which is a shame. And which is why it’s such a long one, 44 tracks.
I had thoughts about making it on Spotify, but I couldn’t find there like half of the songs from the list .. then I thought I could make it on Soundcloud – but then there I couldn’t find the previous half of the list. So that left same old 8tracks.

These are the songs I have been listening a lot this year, they are more on the electronic-pop-femalevocal-chillstep-ish side. It pretty much describes my year. The first track is my yesterday-today’s favorite. : )
The quote on the list is also from that song:
“And weeks went by but felt like hours 
Spring would lie in summer showers 
In my hair were winter flowers”

The photo I used for the playlist cover – I took it 3 (?) weeks ago. It was an amazing foggy environment around Milford Sound, I will share them later.


Unfold – 44 tracks:

  1. Vallis Alps – Young
  2. Wafia – Heartburn
  3. Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Unfold
  4. Elliot Berger – Home (feat Notelle)
  5. Elenne – Between Us (feat Mothica)
  6. Singularity – Alone
  7. Airia – Infinity
  8. Kiiara – Gold
  9. Crywolf – Anachronism
  10. Michl – Kill Our Way To Heaven
  11. Echos & Nightcall – Rainfall
  12. Dahila Sleeps – Breathe
  13. Kina Grannis – Chandelier (Cover)
  14. Dahila Sleeps – Hessian
  15. Crywolf – Epithelial (feat Echos)
  16. Sirena – Primal
  17. Beyoncé – Crazy in Love (Remix)
  18. Gnash – I Hate U I Love U (feat Olivia O’brien)
  19. Echos – The Hills (Weeknd Cover)
  20. Skylar Grey – I Know You
  21. Lena Fayre – This World
  22. Caribou – Melody Day
  23. Niia – BTSTU (Cover)
  24. Portishead – Roads
  25. Glimpse – Until It Falls Apart
  26. Echos – Save You
  27. Glimpse – Rising Storm
  28. Nightcall – Dead V
  29. Oh Wonder – Technicolor Beat
  30. Feverkin – Sinking (feat Nori)
  31. Blackbear – IDFC
  32. Made in Heights – Viices
  33. Electus – Leaving the Lights
  34. Nightcall  – Unknown
  35. Stalgia – Rust
  36. Enkidu – Thin Plastic (feat Anke Sommer)
  37. Ekali – Another Girl (Aywy & Ekali)
  38. Made in Heights – Forgiveness
  39. Akira Kosemura – Petrarca
  40. Oh Wonder – Heart Hope
  41. Niia – Running Up That Hill
  42. Vanic x K Flay – Hypnotic
  43. Vanic x K Flay – Make Me Fade
  44. Haelos – Dust


Ps: I have preordered the EXO album, and as an additional present for myself for christmas, the official ring too, and I’m just so excited for both of them, so can’t wait till I will have them in my hands.


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