Christmas with Prismacolors


I hope everyone is having a merry little christmas with family, Love Actually, and with lots of delicious food. Merry Christmas!


Earlier, as an early present, I received the Prismacolor Premier 132 set. I started to learn to use them, it takes a little practice. But I like them quite much, and overwhelmed by the choice of colors I suddenly have and may use.
On the downside I’m really struggling with taking photos of my Prismacolor drawings. Drawings always come out different when I take photos of them, but I already know how to correct them back to their original form. With the watercolor pencils I used before – I used to pretty much recolor the drawing digitally (while keeping the texture.. it’s a little tricky). Which is what I tried to do at first with these too. But it turned out totally different and much worse because of all the soft differences it has in reality and lost when recolored. Which is why I’m taking photos of these Prismacolor drawings surrounded by items, giving reference colors and values for the eye. So compared to them my drawing on the photos look pretty much the way they are in reality. This makes me a little disappointed, because when the drawing is in front of me it looks really awesome with all those colors, I’m proud of them too, and then I take a photo of it, import, and I feel awful. I was an inch away from not sharing any of these drawings, because each of them looked bad on my photo, before I took the photos with their surroundings or “as a photo” instead of “the drawing”.
This is something I still have to figure out how to do.
I really love the pencils though, they are beautiful, the colors are beautiful, I love how they layer.


This is my first Christmas in summer. I did have warm and tropic Christmases before, but this is the first in official summer. And alone. That’s also first time.
I’m the kind of person who has festive mood starting from November. : D I enjoy the entire season, the Christmas feel everywhere, exited about the decorations.
This year I also started to have festive mood in November, but in New Zealand nothing feels festive, so it faded. Until Zoella on Youtube started to make her daily Christmas vids, I was watching them while having my breakfast, and she brought my festive mood back. But when I stopped having internet it disappeared again. Honestly, it’s summer, warm, everyone is running around screaming, it’s noisy, people are selling strawberries and cherries on the street, I look out and see palms, big butterflies resting on the big leaves sunbathing, birds everywhere. Zero Christmas feel.
This is why I drew these drawings. The ice cream with fruits – with candy cane and pine decoration. The girl is having candy cane in her hair, glowing – but there is not much real christmasy about her.
I wish I could have made a whole series about elements like this, like how christmasy with being not christmasy at all.




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