Moved to Taupo


Earlier in February I moved to Taupo. I was traveling back and forth between here and Auckland, it took me two rounds to get all my stuff here (how did everything fit into one luggage 6 months ago?). I took the bus, it is a 5 hrs long journey to one direction. Though they are only like 200km-s apart. That’s because NZ doesn’t have highways between towns, so you pretty much have to climb through everything to get from A to B.

It was worth every minute of bus seat, it’s a beautiful little town, I’m happy to be here.

Taupo is like The Town of Active Extroverts. It’s quite a sportsy place, with the average age around 25-35 years old, plus the tourists. I’m not a sportsy person, nor an extrovert, but it is probably in the air, because even I went hiking on the mountains already while being here. Taupo has the biggest lake of the North Island, so if you check the map, you see a lake in the middle of the North Island, that’s where I am now. I have a lake view studio apartment too, so I’m super satisfied! I was really lucky with finding this place for rent.
It’s colder than Auckland, that is expected. It was already cold in this last month of Summer, I was wearing sweater most of the time, but today Autumn has started here, so I don’t have misconceptions about how cold it will be in the winter, it won’t catch me off guard!
By the way – if I didn’t mention it enough: New Zealand is a cold country. I have been whining about it when I arrived in Spring, and everyone said that “yes, yes, but the summer will be really hot, just wait, you will see”. No, summer was just as cold. I left off my sweater and double blanket, but it was really far from being shorts-bikini-mojito. I don’t know how the palms and tropic forests manage to survive here, it’s cold here! I like it though, I got some warm clothes and hot packs (which ones I actually received for Christmas and Birthday from friends and family – I was probably complaining too much about how super cold I feel 😀 ), now I can enjoy the chilly weather, perfect.

I hope I will stay here in Taupo for long, and won’t be moving again anytime soon. : )




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