Gaborovna100 – February (What I Like)

9/100 - Scarves

9/100 – Scarves
Scarves, and weathers when you can hide behind them, knitted things, and knitting itself. Also robin bird was one of the first ones I could recognize as a kid, still one of my favorite birds.

For February I wanted to draw things I like. I messed up the schedule though, and started drawing them like the last week, so drawing all 8 of them was already not possible. I probably will add the missing ones here and there during the year, but for now I let it go, and started on March already.

I based these drawings on watercolor, then added the colored pencils, which is why they have a much joyful and colorful style compared to the January ones (which I based on graphite). I went back to graphite base for March, but with a lighter than January base.

10/100 - Tea

10/100 – Tea
Ceylon, most of the time. Occasionally with milk, but when I have tea with milk I prefer to have it in Earl Grey, which I don’t drink except the milky times. Sometimes I have mint tea, chamomile, and lavender. Lavender is also my favorite flower, scent, color.

11/100 - Sims

11/100 – Sims.
Okay, this is less obvious, there is a plumbob above her head. I’m usually an artist, musician, writer or chef in the game. I used to play a lot of computer games long-long time ago, but for now only Sims has left. That’s because I don’t like stressful games, I prefer to just play, and enjoy the time spent on the game, and create and strategies. Sims is the only left as that (sometimes SimCity). But if you know anything like this I would love to get into something else too… Once I have a proper computer around, because unfortunately my little Air is not a suitable tool for games. Which is why I haven’t played Sims or anything for half a year now and I miss it. You know, you have those days when you just need a whole day of Sims.


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