13-12/100 + new Youtube channel

13/100 - Silence

13/100 – Silence. (March – Quotes)
“I want to write a novel about silence. The things people don’t say.” /Virginia Woolf

Process Film:

And with this I launched my new Youtube channel: /user/egaborovna (the /user/ part is important, because otherwise you get my fanart channel)
I keep my other channel for only kpop related videos. And this will be used for everything. Such as my gaborovna100 drawings, when I make videos for it. But I hope I will have other than illustration videos there too in the future.
It’s a mystery to me how do I have only drawing videos and illustration content everywhere, when honestly my days are about designing, and I only draw in my free time, how do I have only drawings everywhere?! I will try to figure out how this happened, and do something about it.

Because of the videos I thought I will share these two earlier than the end-month summary of the project.
March is about Quotes in my project.
The drawing I made for silence has two yellow snakes in it, if you look carefully you might find them. Snakes don’t symbolize bad things, they stand for double edges, opposites together in the same time and moment. And yellow snakes are the symbol for situations when you do something against your beliefs.

12/100 - You will be missed.

12/100 – You will be missed. (March – Quotes)
“They say that time will heal a wound, but I can’t make sense of this. You will be missed. (…) Though you can’t be seen, now you’re a part of me.” /Lyrics by Cyra Morgan – You will be…

Process Film:

Water symbolizes emotions in general. When I thought about the situation where you have someone living only in yourself, I saw water-life blooming within. That’s what I tried to follow with the drawing.


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