When I woke up on day of my birthday, back in the beginning of February, the first I reached for my phone to read my e-mails (as usually), and that day a special one was waiting for me there. I got a job! That was my first present that day, so I was extremely happy whole day, and week, I started doing my working visa, running around for papers, health checks, and moved here to Taupo.
I got my visa in the beginning of March, on a Thursday, at 2.30pm (I know this because after the happy phone call I dropped everything and run to deal with my tax number before the post office closes). After half a year of hanging in the air, and almost, aaaalmost getting on a plane in December, I finally got my working visa, and could begin to work. And begin to calm the f down.

I started immediately. The next day, on Friday, 9am, as Intermediate Designer (Visual Architect, as they like to call it) at a Creative Agency. It’s a small cozy one, in a small cozy town, nothing harsh, no big pressure, lukewarm. Just exactly what I was looking for.
My March was about that. Working, and being really quite happy about it.
I don’t have a car, and it’s a small town they have a bus, but it goes about 3 times a day.. So I walk. To shop and to work. The distances are quite big, and the town has hills, we are in New Zealand after all, hills everywhere. I walk 12 km-s a day, 2 hours, not a bad exercise. It’s getting cold in the morning though, I’m freezing through the 1st km, then it gets okay. By now I’m convinced that I am the only one in this town who is walking, endless lines of cars are passing by,big20magic and I’m the only one walking, except 3-4 school kids whose parents didn’t took them to school. In couple of months I’m pretty sure I’m going to be “The Girl Who Walks”, it’s really that rare. Anyway, I could feel it in my muscles in the first days, now I barely notice it, and it actually feels nice after sitting whole day. I started listening to audio books while walking – I feel I’m using my time super efficiently.

The first one was the Big Magic, I wanted to read it for quite a while, so I bought it on Audible. I really suggest you to read it too, I loved it, really – quite – much.

I might actually buy a car later (the grocery shopping part of the story is rather inconvenient) (especially today) (the shop is 3 km-s away, 3 there, 3 back), but now I’m okay with walking, I took the photo below yesterday morning on my way. I think we can agree, when you walk through places like this it’s not that bad. : )File 2016. 04. 02. 19 20 12 b


2 thoughts on “16-03

  1. albiedoll

    You did it! I really thought you were updating very little these days and now I know why. Congratulations for your work. I hope you can get a motorcycle or a car soon. But for now, why don’t you get a bike? I know it’s not like a car, but you can get to work a lot faster than walking and you might be able to do grocery shopping if you get a big backbag -I knew someone who bought a reaaaaaly big one and did it that way XD).
    Anyway, I’m happy you are doing well. Hope to see more of you soon.

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      I know bike could be a low budget and healthy choice, but NZ is full of hills, and I’m so not in the state to bike up-hills, not even small ones. And winter is coming too…
      Do you know those rolling bags old ladies go shopping with? Well, I have a slightly more modern looking version of it, but the same concept. I had, at least, because the last time I went shopping I managed to melt (!!!) down its’ rolls. Now I’m thinking whether I should change to taxi back way, because taking taxi for a month and half costs the same amount of money as the only bag choice of such in the town. NZ and its’ prices….
      Oh, enough of this topic, I’m complaining about the same things to everyone over and over again. Sorry. : D
      I’m happy I have a job finally which lets me stay, I’m happy to be here and feel safe and calm and normal, I just wish I could push myself a liiiittle more after work to draw something.
      Thank you for your book and TV series recommendations on Instagram, I will check them out! ^ ^


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