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I told you, it’s in the air.
Taupo is the town of active extroverts, and when I arrived I had this suspicion that it might be in the air, cause I could see the signs on me, and I’m not an active person, nor an extrovert. But here I have been caught in the wave, really.

This weekend we went rafting with my colleagues. I was slightly worried about it. It was a Grade 4 one (the highest is Grade 5, when you are falling off waterfalls and stuff like that), which is already pretty high, and here this is available only twice a year. They said for Grade 4 you can’t bring anything with yourself, not even waterproof cameras, and you have to be able to swim (for 1-3 you don’t have to). I didn’t plan to bring my camera, and I can swim, but this notice made me worried.
Well, it wasn’t half as scary, and was quite enjoyable. We had two guards per boats for safety, I have been sitting next to both (I am the greenie next to the blue and the red really smiling and obviously enjoying the entire situation), and they were pretty cautious, nothing scary happened. We had 4 boats, and about 4 kayaking guards additionally to the two per boats. So they really made the entire trip as safe as possible. No one ended up in the water in none of the boats. It was amazing. I got super soaked, it was cold too, the water was 9C, but I didn’t feel it, they dressed us up well. The company I went with was the Rafting New Zealand, in Turangi (raftingnewzealand.com), anyone looking for a safe company, they are them. : )
Fun fact, I made their new rackcard design too, haha. : D Almost, kind of, they have a combo card with another company in Taupo, and their common card, the new version of that was made by me. : )

Taupo (no, this is not the same river):


And these are from the time I hiked up the mountain here to get a nice view on the area:







(Taupo, me, and the wind):




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