Kyungsoo, Jongdae and a bunny


Autumn is definitely here. The trees are turning into colors, chestnut season has long passed this photo was taken like 3 weeks ago, and with the last chestnuts I have found.
I’m in Christmas mood, I’m not joking. I feel like folding myself up in a cozy little corner, with my blanket, eat pumpkin soup, burn vanilla candle, use heavy buttery body-cream after shower, and listen to Christmas songs. And that’s actually exactly what I have been doing. In April. And normally I would jump head first into the festive mood, but Christmas is not coming now, and when it does it will be hot, and green, and roses and lemon will be blooming in the garden, and I will so not be in Christmas mood, and when I will be.. it will not be Christmas again.

I drew a Kyungsoo. The reference is from the time when they were about 15 metro stations away from me, and I didn’t go. I did think about them though, standing in the balcony, looking in the direction of Kowloon. I don’t regret not going, it probably was chaotic around them, a lot of girls going brainless from sexual frustration, pushing and behaving inappropriate – something I want to be exactly 15 stations away from. It’s just that I could have a chance to see their human body that time, I didn’t, but I could have.
Once they were even closer, literally next to my house, like 10 minutes away. But I didn’t know about that, only two weeks later. Then I didn’t have a choice, I did with the other one.
I wanted to draw a fanart which isn’t a magazine photo, which doesn’t have reflectors as light source, and it shows their face. This two criteria pretty much strokes out their photos up till the beginning of 2015. So I went back even further, which is when I came across these photos, and I got nostalgic. Of not going. : D BUT I MADE THE CHOICE! : D


Lately I rarely feel like drawing them to be honest. Because I feel like they don’t want to be drawn. Like they don’t care any more. They cover their entire face, they have their masks, sunglasses and even hats on, just to eliminate anything to be shown at all (except Kai. Because he is in trouble now, so he (for the first time in a year pretty much) going around showing his handsome face to remind you..) And they look super annoyed and bitter, they don’t look like they want it, or like they care about me, us, or appreciate the love they receive. First I thought they are just tired, but then this has been a stable level of mood around them for over a year. So I don’t feel like I care as much either. I do, of course, the last thing I do when I get to a new place to live is to stick up their poster, that is the frosting, the top, that’s when my home is ready. But I’m loosing the bursting love I had, to share because it’s so much I can’t handle and I want you to feel it too. I have that rarely lately, I have a soft lukewarm feel. Maybe because they look just plain annoyed in the past year, excuse me if I annoy you – kind of upset feel is what I sometimes have. It’s like when pushing down medicine on the throat of a child, an about 3 hours long convincing and hardwork to get it down, and in the end he takes it with the bitter-face-of-the-year, like he is doing me a favor for taking that medicine that he needs to survive. I’m disappointed. You don’t want my care honey, I can turn away too, we all can, just the same.


Chen and a bunny I drew before Easter. Not because of Easter, the bunny came out of the blue, but I thought the timing was great.

I wanted to draw him, from that photoshooting, but I didn’t like the hat he was wearing. So I asked my followers’ opinion on Instagram and Twitter, with what should I replace it. I got quite some ideas, some really safe, some really usual, some kind of weird ideas. In the end I went with my own idea… I did want to go with someone else’s, but .. the safe ones were too safe, the usual ones we have seen minimum a million times already, and I couldn’t find a way for the really weird ones, so .. a bunny. With a hat. With a pompom on the hat, and ears to keep the bunny’s ears warm.

I also made a speed video with it, because.. it’s been a while since I had a speed video.



5 thoughts on “Kyungsoo, Jongdae and a bunny

  1. albiedoll

    I also had a weird feeling about them this past year. I don’t know if the team is starting to grow apart, if they want to focus in their individual careers or what. I can accept the fear they have. Some fans are just… ugh.
    I miss them a lot lately, so I wish June comes fast (so I can finish my uni exams) and listen to their comeback song. Hopefully will be good, and amazing. Some of their songs are really good, but I acknowledge Call me baby or Sing for You weren’t my favorites. Lightsaber, Black Pearl or Thunder are catchier, from my point of view…
    Well, I’m starting to talk a lot. Let’s just say I wish for their happiness, because that is what a true fan should feel towards her group. Not a sick, obsessive and terrible ‘love’.

    It’s a shame you don’t feel like drawing. I was expecting those fan arts you talked about around (the real) Christmas. You sound a little bit down, I might say. Don’t worry, everything has its time to come. So roll in that blanket like a postChristmas burrito of yourself and do all the things you feel like doing. That will cheer you up… and the most important thing: it will be awesome!!

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      I don’t know why but I really like Call Me Baby : D I wasn’t quite fond of it, I don’t like the choreo, nor the hairstyles, or the clothes they were in, the lyrics is super stupid, the main line is the worst, and I HATE the word Baby, honestly if someone refers to me like that I would minimum slap the person, then run out of the world. I hate it so much. YET I probably watch that mv the most : D I don’t quite feel Sing for You either.. : / Would be great if they had Testa back for their next choreo, I miss his amazingness, after his choreos the others are just meh, empty.. I honestly don’t understand how SM thinks that they can only have comebacks like once a year. I see everyone going over to Bangtan and others, because EXO exists just once a year. And even then they look like I’m the parasite they can’t get off from the middle of their back, and like as if I’m just plain annoying for them. Like excuse me..? Do I bother?
      Sigh.. Btw, after my complaining here, that night I had a dream with Baek : DD I don’t know, in the past months whenever I have an EXO dream it’s only Baek, and he is really nice with me, or just looking creepily from the distance, which would freak me out if it wasn’t him. He isn’t even my bias, why is he haunting me.. Anyway, he was super nice with me that night, trying to make it up huh.
      Can’t wait to see their comeback, I guess it will be really important now. Because honestly I see a lot of fans just leaving, after the long hiatus, and continuously long hiatus, not like this is the first time, and the dating and treating the dating from Jongin’s side was really super negative and kind of offending (I mean I am offended by how SM and Jongin treated it, and tried to solve the problem). Anyway, just curious what will happen, how the fans will react, will everyone crawl back drooling, or will it be empty? How they will promote it, with the same freezing cold way they do everything lately, with super forced cute moments and with a cheap marketing-team-planned really pressured fan service..? Or will it feel normal, like it actually is our long waited comeback? … I can only imagine this going well with a really really good marketing and creative team, with minimum a level of Testa, and with a proper songwriter finally again.. I’m curious. Waiting. I want them to charm me and throw me all head over heels again, I really long for that. I hope they will do something great.

      1. albiedoll

        I just miss the MAMA era. They had that epic feeling back then, and the songs of their pre debut teasers were really good (I was kind of disappointed with El Dorado, but the lyrics were nice).
        I don’t quite understand the logic of their marketing. Sometimes it´s just mind-blowing like those teasers I talked about (and the ones they released before EXODUS), but then, except for MAMA, they don’t follow the aesthetic aspects. What is a big shame, because EXODUS teasers looked like an amazing tv series every EXO-L would love to watch.

        I don’t really care about Kai and Krystal. The only thing upsets me is the way all of them managed this issue.

        Testa is such a choreography magician!! Shinee is that big partially because of him. So I agree with you. And I hope for EXO to come back to his roots. This group deserves a good song that makes us Eries go wild and sing along and, as you said, an amazing creative team.

        Sometimes I feel like the boys lost all the enthusiasm and willingness.

      2. bubblydiaries Post author

        You are right, “lost all the enthusiasm and willingness” is a better description of what seems to be going on with them, with my straight aggressive “they look annoyed with us” way. : D … With that realizing I feel like drawing them, just in case on a bad night they get lost in the depth of the internet and get across what we create of them, maybe it will make them feel better. When I feel down about what I do praise what gets me back too. And understanding.
        VM Project did the EXODUS teasers, I don’t really get him though.. he makes such great teaser, but when it comes to the actual MV sometimes it just kind of not quite that (like VIXX’s Conception teaser looked quite promising, then the MV just meh too). And what annoys me about him is that he only lists up the production team, what about the Creative Director, or the Art Director(s)?! Not like the production came up with the idea or the concept at all… What’s next? Accountants make company branding and logos? So I don’t know who was the actual heart in them, who decided on the visual and concept overall. But I want him back. (And notice how I said him, and not her, and that also makes me kind of angry… I can even reason why it should be a “her” team – because they are selling this entire thing to “she”-s.)
        .. By the way, I still can’t get over how you just accidentally ran into Heechul.. in Spain.. : D What are the odds? 1 to a million?! I want that luck too. I probably wouldn’t go there to take a selfie though, when I don’t know what do to I would probably overreact to the other way, like I would get annoyed that he blocks my way, and I would just pass by real fast looking angry with my nose up high. And then regret it, and write lengthy poetic blog posts about that two seconds, and make into a super pathos – for my whole life.

  2. albiedoll

    I would be really nice to know about the creative team. Then we could check their work (I really like to watch art… including fan arts, poetry and stuff >:D, and hand-made things). I’m very into photography lately because I’m getting that subject in uni right now. Anyway now I know VM Project did EXODUS teasers I will look for their previous works, hopefully I will see something interesting.

    About Heechul… it wasn’t that weird. I knew they were going to be in Seville because I saw it somewhere (maybe twitter, but now I think about it could be a friend of mine the one who told me). But I didn’t know dates or anything, I wasn’t really interested because I’m not a big Super Junior fan. It was also in the middle of the week and I was busy, so I let it go and didn’t care.

    You see, I don’t hate SuJu at all, but I can’t call myself a fan either. My heart belongs to EXO and Shinee LoL. For this reason, some friends said this luck was wasted on me.

    So, it just happened I had to go to the city centre to buy a book I needed for uni and then saw a lot of chinese people around with cameras and stuff, so I realized it might be shooting that friend told me. Indeed, I just had to stop five minutes and follow a crowd of screaming girls to the Cathedral. Firstly, I saw him on a horse carriage and I thought: “wow, so he is not a cartoon”. You will never know how shocked and amused I was! Then, they went somewhere and I kept walking in order to get my book thinking Lady Luck blessed me. I could even took some pics of him like a prince in his carriage!! By the way: how funny was that!! About thirty or forty minutes later, I was going back home congratulating myself for being so intuitive with those camera-men/women when half way to my bus stop I… watched the shooting crew again. There were some people peeking happily, so… I decided to do the same because I was (and I still am) really curious about the way they do programs -I’m a Journalism student, and their ways are so different compared to our tv shows!!-. I kept peeking for ten minutes, until they finished what they were doing. I also wanted to check how different Heechul is on and off screen. And I will tell you something: he is the same. A little bit more enthusiastic on tv, but his expressions, way of talking to people and greet his fans was the same I watched on some programs. In my opinion, he is very eccentric person. That is not bad, just different. I think all his “petals” know that, anyway.

    When I was going to take my leave I saw him being surrounded by an army of stylists (at least I suppose they were his stylists) and then decided to hold my breath and shyness, be brave because that was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and asked for a picture. He was really busy, so I’m thankful he agreed.
    Finally I went home thinking how much some friends of mine would hate me for that photo. But it was nice, kind of weird. I was just very, very, very lucky.


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