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I preordered the album with express delivery, yes I really did that, even though the CD is not what I use to listen to the songs, it’s simply because I wanted to hold it in my hands as fast as I could. So it has arrived today! I bought my albums from k4town, by the way, in case you would like to buy one from a safe site, I bought all my albums from them.
I mentioned it on Instagram that I get all their albums on what I received for my fanarts. Even the express delivery. And the official ring, which I don’t really wear lately.. I’m glad I’m able to turn the money back to them!

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So my opinion. It won’t be all lovely, sorry about that, I really don’t like to be negative online, just don’t read it, I write this for SM. There needs to be all kind of customer review on the internet, I usually don’t bother write it if I don’t like something, but about EXO I care, and I hope they at least make some research about customer satisfaction and such important things, which sometimes I wonder if they do at all… Or SM’s radars are only for the screaming 12 years olds. Because other than them for the last two albums I saw all kinds of customer reviews which  SM clearly did not see. I saw some for this album too. From fans, not antis, this is from us, from those who preorder the album, and give the views no matter what, from us who care, and from these who care there is a high percentage who isn’t quite happy to see the direction of where the things go. But why would SM bother, we still preorder..

What I like about EX’ACT:

  • The design. The Creative Director. And the Lucky One photographer.
    About which I’m happy cause this is all my world, all I am, and I’m glad to see that even though I work in this, I still appreciate it quite much, it was really really really well done!
  • The packaging of the album is amazing, the editorial work is outstanding, I LOVE ALL THE WHITE!!! after all those Lucky One concept I thought it will go colorful, because it would have been reasonable, and we all know colors sell better, because white is for those who understand design, and/or have special aesthetic requirements, not for the mass, so I love everyone who still dares to go white. Dares to go white and makes it successful. Yes, white design had a great wave in the past decade, but believe it or not it is still limited down to those who follow trends, regular people still don’t get it even after all what it has gone through and has been communicated by major brands 24/7. Of course I can’t say exact numbers, but based on my experience I would say .. 10%. Less maybe. About 10% of all people who would find a pure white design nice. Luckily that’s still a huge amount of people, but it’s not even funny how many don’t get it, just don’t feel it at all. And that 10% is all under 35 years old, except some special rare snowflakes (like my dad, he goes crazy over white designs, so we can fangirl/fanboy together over white packagings and things : D ). My clients from that 90% come to me complaining it’s empty, put more pictures there, let’s write more text to fill up the space, where is the background… o__o
    We usually do every design in black and white first, because in black and white you see all the mistakes, and colors often hide mistakes, and exhaust your attention enough to not notice the design is technically shit and empty, and it says and shows nothing. Colors are great to fake it. 🙂 So when creating a logo, or layout, it should always go black and white first, and once it works in black and white, it will work with any colors, but once you see the simplicity of it, how the idea and the message delivered perfectly – you notice you don’t even need the colors, they are not needed, unnecessary. All this above goes only for the design, I hate black and white photography.
  • And the Lucky One photos are the perfect example of bold-coloured photography done right. They are perfect, all of them. When I drew that Chen fanart, and I noticed the lines are aligned on this sweater (he holds his hands up, and he holds them up in the position that the lines on his arms get aligned), that threw me off, those photos are sooooo perfectly done.
  • The posters are amazing. The fangirl inside me was slightly disappointed that we don’t have a group photo, but my other parts love it, it’s clean, it’s designish, it has information and feel about each member (with those keywords). The layout and the idea is already great enough that it would have worked with white background too, but this is the example when it would have looked just as amazing in white, so it would work with any chosen color now – and it looks interesting with that yellow. I maaaaybe would have tried the keywords with full lower case, they seem off now.. too official. And maybe the names too, I would have put lowercase with the same bold weight… But wait, what’s this font?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Did you really just use Adobe Caslon Pro for one of the worlds’ no1 group’s 2016 comeback?!?! And get away with it!! (Gosh, I’m going to laugh on this for a week.)
  • I love the matt paper, though it got a little dirty about 15 mins after I opened the album. And it had a dirt inside, I don’t know what happened, looks quite weird, it’s not a print problem, but I had a quite dirty spot in the middle of the photobook. It looks like glue stain..? In the middle of the book. Glue. What happened there?
  • I like the logo history they showed on the album and poster.
  • I like the Lucky One logo, it’s quite simple and perfect, great idea.
  • I love the e)(o logo too, it’s so great, empty, but the designer in me feels really good looking at it.
  • I think I like the Monster song. Kind of. Probably. Yes.
  • I like their face expressions in the MV-s.
  • The Lucky One MV’s free fun. I was laughing on it. I didn’t like it in the first 20 seconds, that’s how long it took me to realize this is for fun and not serious, and then I just really liked it, I laughed. Except on Yixing’s face, because that looked really cool.
  • I loved the throwback to MAMA.
  • I like the Monster MV setting (the hangar – it looks sterile without any distraction with that natural backlight it is just naturally real and nice), the DoP’s work there (vm?), and I didn’t think I would say I like this, but after these days I realized I actually like that it’s all in dark and you can barely see the faces. In the MV-s where I see their faces I would usually focus on my bias, and it takes me months to notice “oh, the other members are here too, how nice”. In dark I can only assume where is honey because of his height (sorry dear), and usually I see the picture overall, their moves, and everything together, not only faces.
  • Their hair and clothes in the Monster MV.
  • Jongdae. Just Jongdae.

What I don’t like about EX’ACT:
(this is where it’s time to close my blog if you are not from SM, you don’t have to see this – and if you are from SM please relay a message to Mr Only Cheap Things Director: “screw you, just screw you”, thank you)

  • The lack of concept. EXO usually have a better than average concepts, even compared to other SM artists .. now this time it’s worse than average, even compared to other SM artists. And because the Creative Director did such a great job with the design I suspect this isn’t his/her (his, right? this angers me again) (edit: her, Min Heejin – this just earned back my trust in humanity for the upcoming couple of minutes) fault, this probably came from the ever-so-creative-and-I-tell-you-what-you-should-do-can-it-be-a-puppy-in-the-sunset-with-glitter-rainbow-I-want-it-to-pop Marketing Director. Or whoever decided to tell the CD what to do this time. Well, dear, your idea was awful, just letting you know, I hope you understand you ruined it.
  • Because the concept is not rounded out enough I think it’s totally unnecessary to have these two absolutely empty and uncompleted two lines: Monster and Lucky One. With their own respective logos. Supported by their third (EX’ACT pentagon) and fourth ( e)(o ) new logo for their album.
  • Why are we having 4 logos here, I really don’t get it. This is a minus point for the CD.
  • I don’t like that their entire photobook is in Korean. When.. again, I wouldn’t want to guess, they probably have perfectly fine stats, but how much of your whole sells go to Korea? 35%? 40%? Would it be really hard to have an official English translation there everywhere? Honestly I wouldn’t whine about it if I didn’t open the photobook, and saw that everything is in character, EXCEPT “it’s prohibited to blablablah” on every 5th page. So when SM protects itself they can speak English really fast, but when it comes to considering other humans they suddenly forget and go kimchi. And because I couldn’t read anything else to me the whole book is about “you are not allowed to do this, you are not allowed to do that”. I was not planning to go out and start to sell this album, but I just got scolded for buying something from you, and I have a bad taste in my mouth, thanks. You either forget to consider writing in English overall, or do it everywhere, but this super selfish selective way of doing it is not right, it’s what negative people do. Ah, yes, we are a Korean band, why would we care.. sure, you could just forget your American tours too, why, you only have Korean fans don’t you? So when it’s about that you get super international? This was that threw me off and made me angry.
  • I don’t like the songs. I was slightly disappointed in Monster and Lucky One, but I grew to like them now (because I see them singing it, I like those because of the members, not because they are good songs). I’m trying really hard to push the other songs down my throat, I try to imagine the members when singing the lines I hear and make me like it because of them. But I actually have to force myself to like it, and that doesn’t make me happy. You know, when XOXO came out I locked myself in my room, laid down in the bed with closed eyes, and listened to the whole album twice without moving, trembling, and crying. That’s how much I loved it. This feels as far as Jupiter right now. When the EXODUS teasers dropped I had to hold myself back to not share them all over Facebook, because I’m the only one who likes EXO among my friends there, and I didn’t want to fangirl to an empty room and some of my friends years before kept complaining about my kpop songs and stuff, no one cares about them. So I really had to hold myself back to not share it everywhere like “look at these guys, look how cool omg, and the clips are so great, I’M NOT PREPARED” – nothing like that happened here. I had about zero desire to share it anywhere. I had this desire to share the album packaging, the photos above here, I was considering to share 3 of them on Instagram instead of one, but I pushed it down and hold myself back. I will take the album to work tomorrow and show it to the other designers. But that’s all. Nor the album or the MV-s had any close affect. The songs except Monster sound like SHINee’s songs. I swear I can even hear Taemin’s voice. And because we are talking about SM my conspiracy theories kicked in, and my conclusion about the album was that they drag out the good songs to several albums now that they breaking records with preorders, they don’t care what’s on the album any longer. One good song is more than enough for an album, huh, the rest is to fill up the white space. I hate SM, I hate the songs. And I’m so angry that I can’t listen to honeys, because SM decided to go cheap with the songs. You know SM, I want you to drown in your money, push it down your throat and choke on it. And considering I have been standing up in protection of SM after the chinese bastards left (and if this offends you then read the comments below, and if it still does then please help yourself and find the unfollow button, and get the hell away from me), because SM and its’ professionals are amazing and they brought wonders to reality, but I really don’t like that SM got rid of them and is saving up on those professionals in the past 2 years. Without them you are nothing. I hope you soon get to the stage where you see it in your beloved bank account that you can not longer ass that balloon, and finally get back that content.
  • That gets me to the choreography. I hate the choreography, I can’t even express how much I hate it. Now saving up on the choreographers? It’s totally empty! Move to the right, step to the left, now arms up, and to the side, because that looks super manly, oh yeah so hot. O_O All I see in that choreo is stressed bodies moving moving to defined positions, pointless, it’s so empty I wonder if it even echoes. Gosh, just ask Jongin-Yixing pair to create the choreo if you don’t want to pay Testa again, I’m about 87% sure even that will turn out better than these C category choreographers. And while you are at it just use Yixing’s songs. I heard he had hundreds of songs (lost, I know, but he said he wrote new ones), where are they, why are they not on the album, I extremely doubt they were worse than these featured ones so tell me your excuse I’m curious. The angel he is he would give it to you in return for a hot chocolate, that would be real cheap, that’s what you like SM don’t you? Saving up for another mansion? I dealt with it in the past albums, and hoped this is going to be the album where SM gets its’ shit back together again, but this just keeps getting worse. I’m angry, I’m so angry.
  • On a much lighter note: I don’t really like the piercings. That’s just personal, an individual opinion. I like piercings, I would have my own too if I could deal with pain, but a piercing is the last thing I would like to see on a guy, I’m just getting old probably. But the fanbase is younger than me, so that’s okay, it’s just me.
  • Still on the piercings – I’m not sure why a piercing makes someone a monster.
  • And while we are on the monsters visual representation topic, it could have been done so much more interesting than this. This was really boring.
  • Burning car? Beating? Bruised faces? So original.


So overall no, I didn’t like this album. And I love EXO, and because of that I’m just even more angry, because I still pay for it because of them, for them, but after this album I sat there thinking I might not preorder it the next time, you know what preorder means? It’s trust. And you just lost it SM. Fuck this, get yourself and your values together. Keep your print designers and the members, but I suggest you to completely cut down everyone else, this was awful, really low. … Really low.
And who should I lay to get Testa back for gods sake, this is painful to look at.

And since I’m into complaining .. can we just have less tours? I’m annoyed that I can’t see honeys, because they were touring for so long, I don’t even understand, does that milk a lot? Do we all know the term of keeping the fire alive? Yes? Now think about that, homework. And for plus point you could research the topic about the positive affects of keeping your employees happy, satisfied, and well rested. It involves numbers, that might trigger your interest, I know.


15 thoughts on “EX’ACT

  1. Yoanna

    I really like your art and your personality and I follow everything you publish from pictures to reviews. I know you have your own opinion on many matters and I respect it and even though it sometimes doesn’t match as my own I don’t get angry or something else people usually do because I know it’s totally normal to not think the same way and etc. I know the 3 chinese ex-members is still a sensitive topic for most people and many support them or don’t support them- that’s totally okay, too. I don’t mind it. What made me write this comment was the fact that you called them bastards. I know I might sound like an overreacting person… but cmon..one never knows to a full content what’s happening behind closed doors and to be 100% sure about any of the matters of SM is impossible, so yeah I don’t think they deserved being called like that. They might or might not be traitors, selfish or whatever- we will never know, but what I wished for is that people would remember that those people were part of that great group and until everything is crystal clear about their departure- people wouldn’t use such words. Thank you for spending time reading this (if you did read it xd) and I hope that my message was clear and without you thinking I was attacking you or anything.
    Have a great day

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      It’s okay for you to think that, I assume you have never seen a contract or were on the side who actually is protected by that contract. I came from a business background, and I have worked in China too with contracts, trying to protect ourselves to the most extent, because there… there nothing protects you. And I have seen companies and good people owning companies in China get robbed for huge amount of money. I’m not a 16 yrs old who just fell out from the high school desk. And even at 16 I already knew these things, I grew up in this environment. I don’t care who they are or how handsome their face is, the moment they break the contract I hope they don’t get in front of me on the streets because I don’t want to see myself in the scenery and its’ consequences. If a contract doesn’t protect you in this world, nothing does. And they just stepped on it. But I don’t want to get worked up on this again, I once wrote down my opinion on the matter you can read it if you want to http://kpope11ie.tumblr.com/post/124654522887/what-do-you-feel-about-the-exo-and-tao-thing-that , but I refuse to listen to anyone’s opinion about them who doesn’t know what a contract means, and has never been on the side worried they would get robbed even with the contract protecting them, and above the contract trying to back themselves up with lawyers because of bastards like them. I hope the law gets on them, it should. I hope SM kicks them well, because they are the only ones who can. And I don’t care what’s their excuse, no one can make anything to you that’s not in the contract, which was in black and white in front of your eyes when you signed it. You don’t want it? You think it’s unfair? Welcome, there are like about a thousand other guys who would gladly do it, there is the door. But they ripped off what they could from the company, run off, and made their own money based on what they ripped off. And anyone who supports them can just leave my blog or my drawings or anything, we don’t have anything in common, and I don’t need people like that around me. And I’m not going to pretend like I’m not against them just to have a cute lovely image, I am against anyone who steals and breaks contract. They are just the same bastards, rotten from inside, I don’t care how handsome their face is while doing it. No one should break a contract, number one idol, or an office worker. Don’t fucking sign it if it’s unfair, there is someone else who won’t think it’s unfair. SM kept his side of the contract – made legends out of them. Sure, they can whine about working too much, everyone works too much, everyone is tired, and bitter, and is full of problems, sob-sob. I want karma to hit on them, and anyone who blindly supports them, I want them to be in this situation, when they thought they were protected by a contract, put their heart, knowledge, friendship, works through nights into it … and that person just walked away with it. Nothing more, nothing less, just the same situation they think is alright. I want to see how alright is that when you face it. How the excuses are an okay way to get away with it. You can find the unfollow button, I’m not worried.

      1. Yoanna

        I totally get your point as of now, I’m sorry i haven’t seen your post on tumblr, otherwise it would have been dumb to write you what I did. Thank you for once again taking your time to explain such matters. It’s true that I don’t have much knowledge about contracts and such (there is some but it is a small amount) and to be honest my opinion was solely based on documentaries about the kpop industry and the so called slave contracts and of course the many situations where a certain company made its idol/s do unspeakable things in order to remain their priority and not be thrown away or smth like that. And of course SM history is not all flowers and butterflies which made me think that maybe, just maybe there was more to it that meets the eye. After reading all you had to say before and now it helped me with the understanding of many things, but I guess I need more time to think about it and fully assimilate it. Thank you for replaying to me, it was a great help! I hope I didn’t bother you. And I just wanted you to know that unfollowing a person with an opinion different from mine(and in our situation – the fact that I do not think mine was the absolute right one) is a bad idea, because in that way not only I don’t give that person the chance to prove their point, but also I don’t give myself the chance to say “I was wrong” . That’s from me. Have a great day!

      2. bubblydiaries Post author

        Nah, it’s okay, I’m just used to the brainless fans who refuse to understand their oppas can actually be a bad person, or wrong, and I just don’t want to be these to be around me. I’m not depending on my views, and I prefer to have a small but intelligent and good-human follower group with whom I can chat, and talk, and share opinions, and discuss the events without screaming and without refusing to admit things. Which is why I advice to be unfollowed if I see someone is not like that. But I’m glad I at least made you think the situation through. It’s not that leaving the group is bad, or realizing you chose the wrong occupation and you want to move to a village and make shoes, those are understandable things to do. That’s okay to leave and do something else. But they didn’t, they clearly robbed off what they could from a company, left out of greed, and dishonor the law and contracts overall. Which just sends me off itself, but people actually support this act really makes me angry. AND kids growing up in the fandom actually grow up to be the kind of adults who think it’s okay to just break contacts, dishonor the law, and when you feel like you ripped off everything you could you just leave and do whatever you can, and it’s okay, because you will just get away with it!!! SM really has to kick them back to where they came from, and teach the lesson that it is a wrong thing to do. To them, and to the fans who support this too. I don’t want to live in a world where this becomes an acceptable act.
        So I just make an attempt to explain why is it wrong what they did – with that support those who think the same because they actually thought this thing through, but it’s a difficult situation when you want to go against the general belief in a fandom where the average age is about 15 years old, anyone with any less ego and confidence than me could hurt themselves for the same – otherwise absolutely reasonable and right – thoughts. And I share it because I hope some from the other side read it and realize it was a wrong thing to do, and they won’t grow up thinking you can just drag a contract through the mud once you got everything you needed from the other party. And then there are those who still don’t get it, well, those are the ones who I want to unfollow me. Because I don’t want those kind of cloudy, brainless, and clearly sexually hyper frustrated people who have problems to tell the good from wrong once a handsome penis flies in front of them. I just don’t want these kind of people anywhere near me, or my drawings. And since I can’t find them on my own or else I would block them myself, I would appreciate if they just unfollowed me on their own instead.
        But I’m glad I made you think this thing through again. : ) I know that I’m more radical on this thing than it would be required, in my world everything is either black or white, nothing in between. That’s okay to be only a 75% or 88% black on the topic, I guess, I can’t see how it can be, but that’s me, I’m 100% black. : )
        Luhan used to be my second bias… it’s embarrassing. How could I have such a awful bad judgment on a human…
        I was going to be a lawyer before I accidentally became a designer, sometimes I wish I actually became one, maybe I would have been more useful than just sitting here writing a blog post.

  2. yizhennie0601

    I don’t really know why I’m commenting here at 3.40am, but finally I meet someone who thinks the same way as me. To be honest, I’m not really satisfied with this album too. I’m new to the fandom, and even so the past few albums were so much better – exodus, love me right and sing for you. I’m scared to acknowledge it, because would that mean that I’m not a true fan that supports them no matter what happens? I can’t say the songs sucked, but they aren’t really the standard I wished for, other than Monster and Lucky One. The past few days I’ve been playing the non-title songs on repeat hoping that by listening to them more I’ll grow to love them, but it’s not working well, I’m stuck with forcing myself to like their songs just like you, and this feeling sucks. I should be blasting it on speakers and showing the songs to everyone I know, I should be boasting to my friends who aren’t exo fans (just like you too!) and tell them hey this song is great!!!! I’m scared to say it, because I know my friends will point at me and say “exo songs suck” or “fake fan!” Finally I see someone who thinks the way I do. Thank you for posting this! I’m not alone now haha 😛 I just can’t stop repeating the same thing. I don’t dislike the songs because I know they’re singing them, but it’s taking me quite some effort to love them, to specifically scroll to that particular song out of 300songs in my itunes and jam along ;-; Gotta argue for Heaven though, it’s really nice 😀 (PS Chanyeol wrote the lyrics!)
    Thank you for posting once again, I can’t wait for my album to arrive (I LOVE WHITE TOO :O)

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      I’m glad you feel the same way too! There actually are quite some fans who feel the same : ( Usually it’s not this bad, but now I see quite a lot of comments about it. Which is weird too, because .. you know how it is to post a dislike about a group whose fandom’s average years is not more than 15 years old. God may not save you if you hurt their feelings about their oppas. : DD I hate this, that they make it so hard to be constructive, if there were more honest opinions maybe it would actually be strong enough to get through to SM.
      Not liking this doesn’t make you a fake fan! Being able to separate SM and EXO is important. Of course not in a hypocrite way, if it’s a huge success that’s also not entirely EXO’s praise, of course they had to deliver it without mistakes, but that was prepared by professionals. Same goes for when it’s bad like now. The guys did what they could, they didn’t make a mistake. But the product was bad, bad professionals at the back. Unfortunately since they are the face of the product their face gets hurt when the product is bad, but their face became shiny because of a well prepared product previously so that’s fair too. A fan is born when the face and the product both is good and suits the fan. If it was all about the product then I would be a fan of more than just one group, while I’m only an EXO fan. But if it was all about the face, then the same, there are plenty of handsome and talented groups out there, yet I’m only an EXO-L. Of course outside of our fandom I wouldn’t criticize them, no one is allowed to hit my brother. And this is for the better anyway, I wrote down my opinion in hopes it actually gets through to the customer satisfaction research, because you have to write down your opinion, no one will know if a product lacks if you don’t say you don’t like it and why you don’t like it. Bad thing to do, but has to be done to maybe maaaaaaaaybe avoid this from happening next time. We want our honeys to be the best and not lack a single thing.
      Like we don’t feel sorry for the money to be spent on these albums, money spent well – if it’s done well. But currently it feels like SM didn’t care at all, because no matter what they do it still will break records, so why bother at all, or spend ten times more when it really does’t matter, save that money and just do whatever. And it just hurts my feelings, and ego, like they see me as someone entirely stupid with hearing problems and with super low aesthetic sense. Excuse me, I can still hear when a music is bad, or a dance is really dumb.

  3. albiedoll

    I will go straight to the point: from my point of view this album is rather disappointing. I only liked Lucky One, Monster and White Noise (the last two are just meh, but they are my most listened songs from this album). Shinee also came to my mind while listening… so it makes me think SM might have exchanged the songs, because Shinee stated not too long ago they had no plans for a comeback, at least in 2016.

    The MVs were nice. I absolutely adored that they are not only dancing in a box/studio. You know I really love the MAMA concept because it tells a story. It is the same reason why I liked Lucky One (even though it was funnier than I expected). The lyrics are also very nice. But speaking about the overall album, I think it was the worst they have recorded until now. Maybe it is my fault because I was expecting something big, but… well… I don’t even know what to say.

    I’ve been watching some shows where the boys appeared and I got the impression that they are not that happy. Something changed, maybe. Or maybe I’m just too emotional about them. SM is destroying the magic behind their songs. Suho said in their Showcase that he was kind of worried because they changed their sound with this album, and claimed in VApp that “I’m always afraid every time we make a comeback. I know there are fans who believe in us and patiently wait for us, but as singers and performers, we feel like we should show something new and different. However, if it’s too different, then people might criticize us and say, “This isn’t EXO’s style.” On the other hand, if we keep on releasing only similar music, then people might think we’re just doing the same thing over and over again.”

    I will conclude stating this album it’s not my cup of tea. I wish for a repackage with at least two or three new and better songs.

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      Yea, I was expecting something good too – high expectations, but hey, we always had that, we were spoiled, it was always an amazing comeback, and they are capable of doing it. Not this time.
      I too saw that their comeback lives weren’t like they usually had it, not much smiling, or happiness, or fun .. just doing it, get done with it and let’s go home. I’m not sure if it’s just what’s going on with them in the past 2 years, or if they don’t like this album either.
      Today I read a comment about this change actually .. someone said that SM has this pattern, to first go out with full fanfare, then at a point just get them back to this style. This happened with DBSK, SuJU, SHINee, and now looks like EXO got into this stage. Is it connected with debuting the new group? Is it happening when a new group is coming out? Not sure.. DBSK got like this … after JYJ left actually, but that might be the problem, without each other both JYJ and HoMin both became powerless. For SHINee.. I’m not sure either, I feel like they always had these kind of songs except the title song : D This was partly why I never felt like becoming their fan, how could I be a fan of a group if I only like their title song. But it also scares me what if the comment was true, what if this is really the EXO that we will have until they slowly leave for the army, and loose their power as SuJu did. What if we don’t get back their old self? Nor them, nor their music, nor the choreo because (as they excused it in SuJu) they are getting old and obviously after 25 years old you just die, not mention dance.
      I understand that evolution thing, they have to get better and better and change, yes. But I count myself as someone who has a wide range of musical taste, and except american rap, most of american r&b, and country music I can listen to anything and I do listen to them, in the past years EXO is pretty much my only connection with K-pop… And with that knowledge I still can say that this is not “different”, this is just “bad”. A “different” could have been done well too. This was not that example. Do they want to go for indie? Or sing acoustic folk music? Maybe progressive dubstep? Perhaps trap? Please, go ahead, I love them all – when they are done well. These are just bad songs, I hate the composer. (Talking about progressive dubstep.. gosh, I feel butterflies in my stomach thinking about EXO singing anything like that! Can I wish for that for Christmas? Please?)
      I just hope the guys don’t read these things, I don’t want them to feel that these songs are not good, or that we don’t like it (even if it’s just me, or a few, a negative comment feels 10 times stronger as a praise) or having second thoughts about it, and loose that little enthusiasm they have. Especially that none of these are their fault, they did what they could. Okay, maybe I would feel it more if I felt a little more soul in it from them not just shell and a half soul… that feels bad, like having a lover only in body, while he wishes he wasn’t here.

    2. bubblydiaries Post author

      Okay, storno that. This week’s performances looked like they were actually having fun. : ) I’m happy to see them happy and enjoying themselves like this. It’s been a while.

      1. albiedoll

        I hope they are not forcing themselves too much. In the last Music Core performance (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqEX0Z2oEv8) Kai showed a really poor singing and I’m wondering if it’s because of his throat -Kai might not be the best singer in EXO, but he usually don’t do this bad-. I’ve been watching A LOT of interviews and it looks like they are enjoying the comeback hahahaha. I’m still a little bit upset because EX’ACT wasn’t as good as other CDs, but.. well, I learned to love Lucky One. Sometimes I use it as leitmotiv while taking the bus because I’m always in a hurry. You see, I have weird ways to have fun :P.
        Did you see their W Korea covers? They are all fantastic, but Kyunsoo, Suho and Chanyeol stood out for me.

        Tomorrow is my second year final exam, I’m getting a lot of free time afterwards, so HOPEFULLY I will start painting again something else than Adventure Time characters. I will watch your videos a lot 😀 so I can learn some tips properly.

        By the way, you are right, Chen did very well this time and I can say he’s leveled up not only his singing skills, but also his skills as an entertainer.

      2. bubblydiaries Post author

        HOW WAS YOUR EXAM??? 😱 I hope you did great, oh well, I’m sure you did. You look like someone who would do well! 😀
        I like Adventure Time and their characters 😀 But I’m looking forward to what you will draw. Me drawing is limited to the weekends lately : ( That’s sad. I maybe would have time to do it during the week, I just don’t have the energy, I leave before sunrise, I come back after sunset, I don’t even see the sun for days, and I’m just exhausted from creating for clients whole day, I don’t feel like creating after that at all. Sigh, it’s sad.

      3. albiedoll

        Actually, I did great in my exam. Thanks for asking 🙂
        Now I will return home, sleep for a couple of days and then I will come back as a person again. THEN I will start drawing, hahaha.

        Well, don’t worry about your drawing time and rest if you must! 🙂

  4. Cadavrul

    I know i post this here pretty late, but I feel like i have to express my opinion too.
    I can never agree with you more. This comeback made me cringe. I don’t like Lucky One and I had a hard time to make myself to like the Monster MV. I am sorry to say that because i’ve been a fan for a pretty long time and their concepts never failed me. I don’t know what happened, i feel sorry for these guys and i want to say fuck you to SM and his money he is so concerned about.

    Like you, i enjoy the album design- i am in an arts highschool myself and i study design. And the Lucky One teasers are the only thing that stop me from completely hating this comeback. I want to hug the photographer so bad.

    And the Lucky one logo is to die for. I think it is in contrast with their original logo, which is very pointy and edgy- this one is full of curves. I love it.

    I kind of like the piercengs in Monsters. Not much, just a very lil bit. I am a scared cat and too afraid to have one.

    and I kinda watch Monster for Baek’s openning and Jongdae’s perfection- even though my bias is Jong In and his ugly as haircut. Really, cant they give my boy pretty hair for once?

    What i dont like
    – the lack of concept is just… bruh, you serious? I’ve seen this in the most of kpop groups and this forced me to slip away from this genre and prefered to stick to a group or two that i think are still… alive and relevant. I don’t want exo to dissapear from this category.

    – like you, i hate the songs. They are random. Like no one really put even the smallest amount of time and effort in them. I like to think that Yixing has some kind of lyricist proud and doesn’t sing them with a light heart. This boy needs some encouragement. It’s frustrating how this company is trying so hard to keep his mouth shout. Or that’s how i feel like.

    – kai’s haircut. like a cow came and licked his hair

    – monster teasers. i don’t like them even a bit and i don’t want to accept that they were taken by the same photographer for Lucky one. I can barely see half of Kai’s face. Let’s put heavy shadows on them, they said. It’ll be sexy, the said. Sexy, pff. They look dirty,

    – and what;s witch the monster makeup. Ugh

    In the end, Lucky One Mv remindsme of Monster from Skillet, in a more… aesthetic manner. o_O

    So, yeah

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      I’m glad you wrote your opinion down too. Everyone has to do it, if they like it and if they don’t as well, how else would SM know (in an ideal world where they care about it).

      I know, the Lucky One logo is so good, simple and perfect, that was nailed. I didn’t mention but I didn’t quite like its’ animation too. Since you study this you have met animations already, the Lucky One animated logo is quite blank… Looks just like a beginners’ work. No, I don’t say it should have sparkle and glow and jump in 3D. The same movement just with a little more sense would have been nicer, this movement feels like a stone, without soft edges that the logo is.

      I feel what you say about Yixing, kind of. Not that drastically : D Since he is quite popular in China, and promotes there, and he is pretty much the only member who is promoting there (doing all the hard work, I feel sorry for him sometimes, it’s such a difficult job without any support…), I don’t think his image is suffering as much as we feel it does. Would have been nice if we felt as much of him as China does though. But it’s true that he looks like a scared little puppy when he is not dancing. : D He looked quite hot at some points though. And when he kicked the police in the Monster MV (from low camera point), that surprised me, like yeah kid, go for it. I don’t like agressivity and things like that, but I was so surprised of him being able to have that fierce face on and kick so hard, woah.

      Today I have been listening to Spotify at work, it was the Viral Tracks of Aus and NZ playlist, or something like that, I didn’t check the playlist just started because I was working and needed the noise, and at a point EXO Stronger came up, and I just stopped instantly, and it felt all tingly. I know I don’t like the songs, they are terrible, but I guess I managed to grow an emotional connection with them. : D I still can’t listen to the album on itself. But when it came up unexpectedly out of the blue between other western songs, that was lovely.

      Oh btw, the Monster photographer is not the same as the Lucky One. I don’t know who they are, but their name’s characters look different on the album, so that’s definitely two different name : DD I wanted to mention this on the list, but I figured I have been negative enough already.. : DD To be honest the Monster photos look correct, the photographer was good. The brief wasn’t. Whoever came up with this concept that was an idiot. Poor photographer did what he could with the instructions, and from his side they are done well, the lighting is good, the shadows on the faces fall well, he blurred it out so he has enough ego and confidence to “ruin” an image, which I like in a photographer. But the concept is so bad… With the word “monster” soooooo many things could have been done, it’s such an easy concept hard to go wrong with it, if you at least try to step away from the clichés you can’t go wrong with it, that’s a win in itself already. And with such an easy situation, they just managed to pick the worst way, go with the cliché, and even from chliché just go with the most boring one. If this photographer would have received a better concept to work with, and a better brief, I’m about 98% he would have made great photos. But what happened here wasn’t his fault… : / That’s my assumption, might be wrong though, maybe he just played it safe, though he could have said something, but he didn’t. And maybe he could have still make it interesting.. I mean that’s what we do 0-24, receive a shit job and trying to build a castle out of it, that could have been our job description too… Maybe I shouldn’t protect him, because it was supposed to be his job to make it work.
      Like the other photographer, that one could have ruined it too this concept, but he not just made it look great, but even better, it’s awesome.
      Yea.. now that I think of it, it is his fault. I know they tried to reproduce the EXODUS and the Die Jungs photos, which both were really popular, becuase they were full of real faults, they felt real, and they often had shadows over their face which made them look interesting and everyone loved it, but excuse me Mr Photographer, that was a totally different story and environment. There were nature around, and urban surroundings, that comes with shadows, it’s believable and natural and felt real. But here.. these are polished photos, with sterile background, and suits. That’s why these shadows don’t look real, they come from nowhere, they really do look like dirt. Yes, I understand now your point, the photographer ruined it. That’s why it feels off, it’s lack of common sense, he should have thought about this, it’s a mistake and he based the entire thing on a faulty thought.

      Oh, that was a long line of thinking, sorry. : D
      “Let’s put heavy shadows on them, they said. It’ll be sexy, they said.” : DDD Hahaha.

      Yea, anyway, we still love our honeys, no one questioned that, we just wish the best for them, and this was unexpectedly and painfully far from it. I hope this is not the beginning of an era, just a bad episode. I wish we could help somehow to prevent it from becoming a constant thing, because SM decided to not care any longer, because we still buy it.

  5. Julie de la Cruz

    Glad to hear your opinion about the boys album and I respect it. 🙂

    For me, I like the album, especially the logo. the designer in-charge really did well! It’s simple and clean. ( except monster logo haha) I love how they managed to do a new logo concept. every comeback I always looked forward to it.Their photos was also good too, both lucky one and monster hehe. Before I forgot, I love the colors they used. (Pastel colors which is my favorite ).

    About MVs ~

    At first ,I didn’t like Lucky one. Idk maybe it’s too plain or what. but until I watched their Live performance in m!countdown. I was like ‘Omg the Head thing and Hip thrust’.It’s soooo cool and HOT while doing that haha. But ,I liked monster than lucky one. idk but monster is much better than that. maybe it’s catchy and make you dance every time you hear that.


    Both are good lucky one and monster.


    My favorite was only 3 (lucky one, monster and heaven ) the rest i don’t like.

    Overall I liked their album. they did all their best as individual and group. 😊

    I’m looking forward to see all of these in Live in their 3rd tour ‘Exo’rdium’. 😊


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