Spring is in full bloom over here, I dropped my winter coat already, my sunglasses have found their way back into my bag, and I bought fairy lights today, because Christmas is coming and it’s never too early to start the fairy light season. I’m also facing the impossible task of finding a satin blend duvet cover and bed sheet, also, my phone is dying and guess where is it the most expensive to buy an iPhone, probably in the whole wide world? Yeap, in New Zealand.  So I’m dripping a little life energy from myself into my phone and hope it can drag its’ life out to Christmas, when I get back home and can buy another one in a much more reasonable price.

We are having a long weekend this weekend. It makes me so excited, yay, long weekend, which is alright, but I have had long weekends every weekend since April, so I don’t really understand all the excitement in me. Yes, that’s right, we had 4 day weeks and 3 day weekends every week. Our director thought to give it a try, maybe it will result in a more balanced out work and personal life. Instead of having a Monday, we cut it up in 4 parts and attached those hours to the other days, in result we started an hour earlier and half an hour later the other 4 days. Sounds alright. Nope, that made me feel as if I lived in the office those days, I literally woke up, went to work (before sunrise), got off work (after sunset – it were all in the cold seasons), came back home, watched an episode of whatever, ate my dinner, then spent time cooking for the next day, and when I finished, I usually had some more work to do for my clients back at home just about to start their day, which would make me terribly annoyed and angry and hate everyone, and aftert that I just fell into the bed, didn’t sleep enough, and started it again the next day. Then on the weekend – I couldn’t even move my arm on Saturdays, in the past weeks I didn’t even get out of bed on Saturday and half Sunday. At the end of Sunday I could already kind of feel my will to live, and on Monday, yes, Mondays were nice. At some point I stopped cooking at all, and lived on delivered fast food, mostly pizza. That threw my skin back to misery again, I had constant headache, nonstop for days, even weeks.
Ever wondered how it would be to push a little harder for 4 days, but in return have 3 full days off every week? Ever thought that would be a good idea? Well, it is not. Last week the entire office voted it down, literally everyone, and next week we are going back to the normal 5 days week. Which is a short week. Yay, maybe that’s where the excitement comes from.
Learn from my experience, love your balanced out 5 day weeks.
But a huge plus point for my innovative director, I love that this idea even got considered and experimented.



Also, while I was ignoring my blog, I passed my first NZ anniversary. .. a month ago. I was planning to go skydiving, actually. But then I didn’t, it’s too expensive. That was my excuse. It’s a really good excuse, when Christmas is coming up and you have to buy a hundred presents, including the iPhone 7Plus for yourself (in the most expensive country)(I mean on the iPhone field). But I just chickened out, I wouldn’t go even if it was for free. This was not the year when I went skydiving. One day I will, just not this year.
It was nice to celebrate my first year here, it was so hard in the beginning I could only hope I will still be here today. This country is such an amazing place. It’s so beautiful, it’s beautiful when I walk to work, I’m in awe up till this date in every 5 mins, thinking “this is so beautiful” “that is so beautiful” “omg so nice”. It’s beautiful when I look out my window and see the lake with the mountains in the distant. It’s beautiful when I look out the window behind me in the office and see the hills, those hobbity really green hills with small trees. When I look out the other window I see snowy mountains. It’s a ridiculously beautiful place everywhere you look.
I smile! Do you know that bitter face everywhere in Europe? I was like that too, 24/7 on my nerves, stressed out, I would often notice that my lips are either curving down by default or grimace in disgust, in that way when it’s not yet visible, but all your face muscles are tense in a way that if you trigger it a tiny little it would be already visible. Which I noticed on myself because I really like Lie To Me, and body language overall (since I’m the kind of person who doesn’t talk, on the other hand observant, notices and hears everything). Here I smile, even in the morning going to work being totally not a morning person, smiling when coming back from work tired but happy. I’m calm here. Not entirely, it’s really really hard to let go of your nerves and calm the fuck down, but I’m half of what I used to be, probably even less. Even my hair started to grow back again, I always had massive hairloss in my whole life, everyone said it’s normal, everyone looses hair don’t worry, if I lost this much in my whole life, then that’s my normal. That’s a lie. After I moved here and slooowly-slooowly started to calm down all of those started to grow back, I have a clearly visible layer of hair that started to grow back together, I lose just a little hair now, almost nothing, I could even count it and I probably wouldn’t need all my 10 fingers to show how many.
Everyone is friendly and helpful, even the dogs are friendlier and calmer here, I walk down the street and there are like 3 of them jumping on me licking instead of acting like I’m a threat and trying to protect their territory. Everyone has car, so I’m the only one in the whole town walking. Except one man, who walks his dog about every second morning, we meet. We would small talk already, about the weather, anything. It’s raining often lately, quick showers, it’s spring. And there would a car stop by me already, asking if I want to get a ride, because I would get wet soon, it looks like it’s going to rain. I would go to the grocery store with a couple of big bags from other shops, in Hungary I would either not be let in, or they would check everything upon leaving, to see if I hid anything in them trying to steal. Here.. the cashier would ask if they have a sale, and how much, and if I saw something interesting, she might go there later too because she needs a few new towels. Going to a fancy night event where everyone is nicely dressed up, but no one is that bitter arrogant asshole as they are in Europe, here literally everyone had tattoos, gown and tattoos, full arm, full back, or just smething here and there, after the event everyone slipped out of their high heels, walked on the winter streets barefoot, laughing, genueniley happy and free. Here these are those owners and directors. The security at the clubs are not those steal faced monuments, already looking like I did something wrong by trying to get in. Here they would stop and talk with you, laugh with you, they are friendly faced guys, grinning. Birds sing, trees bloom, butterlies around you, schoolkids on bike deliver the newspaper, and everyone you meet would smile wide and say “good afternoon”. This country is an idillic place you wouldn’t believe actually exists, and I’m so happy to live here, honestly. I miss Europe, yes, I’m happy to visit it during this Christmas, because I also miss proper Christmas, but that one month will be just enough. To see my family, to carry my dog in my arms whole day every day I miss him so much, to have hot wine in the Christmas markets, to buy proper boots which won’t fall to pieces after a month of wearing, to buy a few t-shirts which wouldn’t shrink just by looking at it, a soft towel, a fork which doesn’t end in squares instead of spikes, and A SATIN BLEND DUVET COVER!





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